7 Interesting Facts About Email Marketing

Getting the best from email marketing doesn’t mean knowing all the answers. It has more to do with understanding what makes email marketing work and what type of resources should be available in order to build something effective. If you want to benefit from the use of email marketing, you need to understand the 7 key truths about email marketing. As you delve into this form of doing business, you will be challenged to consider these truths.
1.Email Has Evolved Into The Cornerstone Of Our Lives
One of the most important facts about email marketing is that email marketing is a single small facet in an ordinary persons ’email life’. We use emails for several purposes, both business and personal. It should be understood that email marketing is more about the improved facilitation of life that merely reading marketing messages. So, when we think about email, we must consider it as an extension of personal and other life-related communication.
2.Email Marketing’s Best Practices Change – They Are Dynamic
This means that the models of email marketing are never static; they do change constantly as a result of changes that occur in the world of business. When it first started, the world was in a different pace and it is upon everyone to carry out a research on the new trends.
3.Any Type Of Messaging That Is Conducted Electronically Is Email Marketing
Most of us perceive that email marketing is a single channel. There are several messaging strategies that serve a single purpose – Email marketing.
4.Every Email Address Means Money And Therefore Those Who Don’t Respond Should Never Be Ignored
According to a research that was conducted, it was found out that even if someone on an email list does not respond, once they provide an email address, they are likely to purchase 150% more that those who shop in a company but do not opt in. In short, this means that non-responsive members should be given due attention that they deserve. It is only a matter of convincing them and everything will go on as expected.
5.Email Marketing Coexists With Other Marketing Mechanisms
It should be understood that email marketing does not stand alone. It is not a sole mechanism that will drive revenue and strengthen relationships single handedly. If email stood alone, then other things would not have been possible. Therefore, for successful email marketing, it is important to consider other aspects that affect the email marketing campaign.
6.All Email Marketing Technology Experts Should Assist One Another
As email marketers, it is important to understand that the success comes if we build each other mentally. You will never know what you are missing unless you consult another expert. It is advisable that every partner conducts a research on the features and services that he/she should/could get out of another partner.
7.Adherence To The Law Is A Must ( the rules might be ignored)
At times it pays to ignore the rules and try out something new, but the law should never be broken because it is costly. It is the mistakes that we make in email marketing that will shape our future. When we make mistakes, we should think of new mechanisms to share emails without breaking the law. Some of the rule breaking campaigns that could offer assistance includes:

  • Posting a call to opt in the end of a video e.g. on YouTube
  • Creating emails that scrolls sideways
  • Sending emails with blank subject lines
  • Taking advantage of new tools such as Pure Leverage

All the above truths about email marketing can be used in the evaluation of our resources and tools.

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