7 Simple Ways Blogging Can Benefit Your Career

Regardless of the industry you’re looking to join, a great job will always have a lot of interest, so the onus is on the individual applicant to stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, a well-tailored resume and fleshed out LinkedIn profile are arguably mandatory, but won’t set you apart from the competition. However, industrious individuals could boost their prospects by seriously pursuing blogging as a great way to showcase their talents and grab the spotlight from the competition.

1. Blogging Boosts Your Professional Standing

Blogging offers candidates a platform on which they can greatly flesh out their professional profile in an employment context that can specifically target an industry and demonstrate to employers their broader expertise and possible contributions they could bring to the table. Obviously, you’re going to want to curate your blog around the industry you want to get involved with: too much content on disparate topics and you’re employer may be left with more questions than they had before. What you want to establish are your dynamic attitudes towards a professional field that will demonstrate your aptitude and initiative and how that could be of benefit to a potential employer. In a sense, blogging becomes an exercise of branding yourself for a particular area of industry, and can benefit you even if you have a relatively low degree of professional experience. Just be sure to make your content current and up-to-date, demonstrating a broad interest that can show you’ve got a grasp of disciplines like research, problem solving, lateral thinking in a manner expressing your passion and interest.

2. Blogging can Draw an Influential Audience

It’s not unheard of for blogs that provide the right content at the right time to achieve some degree of viral popularity, even if it’s just within a given industry. Should you write such a piece and it catches on, it may even pass across the desks, even at several removes, of some heavy hitters in an industry and thus draw their attention to you as a contributor. Online communications and social media are rapidly replacing former modes of business infrastructure, especially in more forward thinking industries like tech startups, so why should head hunting be any different?

3. Blogging Broadens Your Network

Active networking on platforms like LinkedIn, web forums and chat groups, as well as in the real world, is all well and good, but is by its nature time consuming, and there are only so many hours in the day. A potent blog post, however, can make the party come to you, get your name moving in the right circles and connect you with like-minded individuals. Make sure to effectively signpost your blog with your various social media handles and contact information to make it easier for others to touch base with you.

4. A Blog Enhances Your Resume

Good jobs can often attract hundreds of applicants, especially in fashionable industries. Having a great resume and cover letter is crucial, but won’t necessarily make you stand out from the dozens of other professionally composed applications flying across a recruiter’s desk. A link to your blog can broaden your employment appeal and put your further up the queue when it comes to deciding on call backs. It can help when you’re curating your blog content with an eye to complimenting your resume as well.

5. Blogging Helps Develop Your Digital Footprint

The vast majority of employers these days will do a Google search on applicants upon receipt of a resume, especially for more important jobs with bigger companies, and what comes back to them could make or break your application. The right digital footprint can help show employers that you’re fluent in tech and social media, give them a concise overview of what you can bring to the table and elucidate your opinions on the industry. A solid digital footprint lets you establish the tone you want to set for an application early on in the hiring process.

6. Blogging Helps Keep You Sharp and Develop New Skills

Developing a blog lets you pick up new skills and expand your repertoire in ways that can be of practical benefit to your employment prospects and beyond. Constructing a robust blog can help you develop your talents in areas such as copywriting, search engine optimisations, social media content creation and management, analytics and content management systems. These are all increasingly important skill sets for many industries, and can implicitly display your abilities to employers when they see that you’ve got what the knowledge, discipline and wherewithal to construct all aspects of a competent blog presentation.

7. A Blog Positions Your as a Leader

Creating and distributing content under your own initiative shows that you’re willing to grab the bull by the horns and get your hand dirty when it comes to achieving your goals. If you’re running a successful blog, chances are you’re providing some useful content by way of problem solving or informative content, the other people will find helpful. The ability to successfully impart information in a concise fashion will highlight your communication skills to prospective employers and give the impression that you’re a naturally helpful and supportive individual. If you manage to establish yourself as something of an authority figure on a given subject over time, this can be of tremendous interest to employers, especially in something like the tech industry, where this kind of accomplishment is highly respected.

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