7 Strange Business Perks From Around The World

Corporate giants such as Google and Microsoft are well known for the amazing benefits that they are able to offer their employees, but they are not alone with their thoughts that great perks lead to great work. Many savvy business owners are aware that the more they look out for their members of staff and the more they are able to offer them in return for their hard work; the more motivation they will create and the stronger the ties between employee and brand will become.

Whilst Google allow staff to ‘play’ in certain areas of their offices and allow them to take time out during the day to work on personal projects; other companies are offering a few more intriguing and sometimes farfetched benefits.

Naked Fridays –

After a number of staff members were forced into redundancy following the start of the global recession in 2009, marketing firm onebestway were looking for a moral boost for their Newcastle-based office. The idea for naked Fridays was offered up as an option and after a bit of deliberation it was decided upon. I’m not sure if this is a perk of the job or not but I suppose it depends on the people you’re working with.

Free Divorces –

Knowing a lot about the legal world, you would think that employees of a law firm like Pannone in Manchester would know all about divorce. However, in order to help their staff through these tough times, the company will often pay for the legal process to be carried out in the most stress-free way possible.

Food Trucks –

Chocolate cupcakes.jpg

Financial research company FactSet offer free lunches to their members of staff, but this involves more than just a complimentary sandwich or two. Instead they can choose to eat from different trucks that are based on site which offer a variety of different food options including Chinese, pies and cupcakes.

Work When You Want –

American on-demand media viewing giants Netflix have well and truly done away with the nine to five working day at their Californian office. Instead, workers can choose when they want to come in provided that they get all of their work done. Whilst this seems like the perfect arrangement; anyone abusing this easy-going policy is likely to be shown the door.

Free To Use Yachts –

At vehicle distribution company JM Enterprises’ headquarters in Florida there are many benefits on the menu. Along with free haircuts and onsite childcare, the employees can also earn the chance to spend time on one of the business’s yachts that are tethered up in a harbour nearby.

An Impromptu Holiday –

If you’re looking for somewhere that really encourages their employees to have a good time, then American-based law firm Freeborn and Peters could be just the company for you. Every year they hold a party for all their staff members to which everybody brings a suitcase packed with their holiday belongings. Four names are then drawn out of a hat and the winners are driven straight to Las Vegas via a limo.

The ‘Box Lunch’ –

File:Porsche Boxster S Facelift.JPG

You may not think that being given a box with your lunch in is the most exciting perk in the world, but that’s not what the boss of InDemand Interpreting is offering his employees when he says ‘box lunch’. Anyone who has performed extraordinarily in the workplace is trusted with the keys to the CEO’s very own Porsche Boxster and can then drive to a place of their choosing for a free lunch.

As you can see from the list above, there are so many ways in which thoughtful business owners can reward their employees for all their hard work. Introducing a great benefit system is an important piece of business advice and can really make your company a desirable one to work for.

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By Chris Mayhew

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