9 Office Hacks That Will Change Your Life

9 Office Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Life in the office is hard enough as it is. If you can make it easier for yourself just by using household items and tricks, won’t you? Of course you will. And while most DIY office hacks are too hands-on for most of us, there are 9 simple hacks to change your life in mere seconds with the extra supplies cluttering your desk drawer.

1. Use binder clips to organize tangled cords.

If your cords are all tangled on your desk, clamp a few black binder clips on the edge and string your cords through them. This will prevent the cords from getting tangled and make it easy for you to take chargers and electric office supplies home.

2. Clean your keyboard with a Post-It.

Everyone hates all of the crumbs and dust that get between the keys. Take a Post-It note and turn the sticky side down. Fold a small portion of it so that the bottom is sticky on both sides. Put the sticky sides between the keys, and depending on how dirty it is between your keys, (no judgment here) use a few different Post-Its.

3. Make a retro iPhone stand out of a cassette case.

Open the cassette tape box and lean it open on your desk, and lean your iPhone inside of it. This doubles as a stand and a music amplifier.

4. Keep your lunch cold by freezing a wet sponge.

Freezer packs can be expensive, and simply putting ice in a bag can melt and leak easily. Wet a sponge and put it, full of water, in a Ziploc bag and put the bag in the freezer overnight. The sponge will retain the water and stay frozen longer, so your lunch will stay nice and cold.

5. Mix vegetable oil, dish soap, and water to spray on flowers to keep bugs away.

You get extra points for livening up your office space with flowers, but nobody likes the bugs and mold that the flowers attract. Combine vegetable oil, dish soap, and water in a spray bottle and spray a bit on your flower stems to keep bugs and mold at bay.

6. When sending an important email, put the recipient in the subject line before writing the email to ensure that before sending, you’ll remember to go back and proofread.

The trick is that when you go to send the email, it will come back saying that there isn’t an email address in the recipient line. This will remind you to spellcheck your email, saving you form spelling mistakes that could be extremely embarrassing.

7. Use the spring of a dead pen to save the cord on a phone charger.

All iPhone users feel the same pain of having to buy new chargers all the time because the cord and wires closest to the input plug tear and fray. Take the spring out of a dead pen and wrap it around the end of your charger to keep it straight and intact, protecting your charger.

8. Use 3M hooks to mount tablets on the wall for watching your favorite shows on breaks or giving presentations without a projector system.

When you’re on break and you want to watch the newest episode of Game of Thrones and you don’t have any free hands, or when you need to do a presentation without a projection system, simply use two 3M wall hooks.

9. If your power strip is too far from your desk, tape it to the side of your desk.

If your cords can’t reach the power cord, simply tape your power strip to the side of your desk. This also solves the problem of tripping over cords that are plugged in across the room!

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