A Curated View On Content Curation And How It Boosts SEO

In SEO, they say content is king. The right content apparently gives your business a great ranking boost in search engines and makes people keep clicking links leading to your site. The moment users get to see and read substantial content from you, that’s a great boom for your website.

Quality content is indeed royalty in the SEO caste system. But like any royal throne, good content is relatively hard to maintain, especially if we have to highly consider originality and freshness of ideas.

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If only our brains are full-powered

If only we’re born with the ability to access and use our brain’s full potential, generating new ideas and endlessly inputting valuable thoughts to the web won’t be a problem. However, for many good enough reasons, we can only tap 10% of our mind’s full capacity. A few geniuses can manage to go 5-10% more but that would be teasing the cliff’s edge to insanity.

The brain never runs out of new ideas, but it does get tired of releasing them. And that’s part of the brain’s nature we can’t change. This is why we can’t expect all content writers and content creators to be able to produce only pure original materials. Moreover, not all writers are experts in all fields, so they need references and previously written facts and ideas.

Content Curation: Breaking Away from Pure Originality for a Moment

Many say nothing in this new world seems original already. That’s not really a bad thing. Unless of course you copy a whole piece of article or artwork and tag it as your own.

People are very creative. But how can we create something out of nothing? We can only create something out of another.

Content curation is made to address the ever growing fear of content creators that they might get penalised by sourcing ideas from existing materials even if they do it legitimately. What really is content curation?

Think of a wide vineyard during harvest season, with all the grapes available for picking. Vineyard workers go through the whole farm to harvest these grapes for winemaking. After the harvest, they sort out the fine fruits from the bad ones. They then use their winemaking expertise to produce quality wines out of the harvested fruits, and send the finished products to different wine shops.

In content curation, the vineyard is the web and the grapes are the data available online. The vineyard workers and winemakers who make quality wines are the content curators. Content curation is the process of gathering as many data about a certain theme as possible, picking only the noteworthy and user-friendly ones, properly organising the filtered content, and adding one’s own thoughts, ideas and opinions to the existing data.

Content curation gives people what they really need, instead of coming up with something pure but useless.

How does content curation affect SEO?

Of the countless information available online, it’s hard to have to sort out the worthy ones from those that aren’t. Content curators basically add more value and relevance to an already existing material. With proper content curation, you can ensure that your site will gain more credibility as you get content from trusted and reliable sources. It also keeps your business be one with the latest news and trends, and makes your site look updated with more options for exploration by clients and visitors.

Content curation helps boost SEO. This is a good way for SEO and online marketing experts to raise the standard and quality of the content they post online—making sure the content is relevant, user-friendly, informative, fun, factual and creative.

The content curated for a certain area of interest helps your website get linked to reliable sources making you a trusted site as well. Since the filtered content you have chosen for your site most probably contains the most popular keywords used for a particular topic, it will help raise your ranking in search engines. This leads web designers and online marketers to refine their strategies even more.

Once users and popular groups see how reliable your site’s content is, they can refer your link as a great source of information about a certain field, leading to an increase of good traffic in your site. The sources you have included may also include you as one of their trusted links, that when people visit them they can get linked to your site too.

Furthermore, your curated content will most likely occupy the top of searches, especially more specific searches, due to the presence of highly trusted sources and references in it. With organised and high-quality, informative content mixed with the original ideas and opinions from its creator, people will definitely keep coming back to your page.

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  1. I think I am using 11% of my total brain capacity :). I agree that content is king, but it is also very important that your content is ready by as many as possible. I takes time and hard work to establish yourself as an authority, but it is well worth it in the end.

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