Advanced Twitter Tips For Small Businesses

Advanced Twitter Tips For Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner who has pretty much mastered the basics of social media, it is time to delve in deeper.  There are some advanced uses for Twitter that you need to know about.  This will increase your Twitter game and allow you to better interact with your followers.  This will result in not only more followers, but far more quality in terms of followers and retweets.

Pay Attention After You Tweet

You are probably using a program to schedule tweets and this is a good thing.  However, you should check in once or twice a day to see what happens with those tweets after the fact.  You want to be able to respond to questions and take the opportunity to engage your readers.  In fact, your follow up is more important than the initial tweet.  If you never engage your followers, they are likely to stop following you.  Remember if you buy Twitter followers to boost your numbers and then

Learn About Streams

Streams allow you to take a hashtag or phrase and then build a stream around it that is relevant to your brand.  This helps you to engage other Twitter users and find content.  For example, if your company does landscaping, you may want to follow a #gardening stream.

Your Handle Should Not Be Relied On

Few Twitter users will include your handle, but this does not meant that many are not tweeting about you.  You should search for your company name using something like to see who is talking about you.  This means you can see what is happening with those who did not use your handle.  You will get a greater estimation of how your brand is impacting people and can see just who is talking about your brand.

Avoid Social Egomania

This means that you need to be human for your followers.  While you want them to know about your business, about promotions and about new happenings, you also want to add that human element.  This come from posting some non-business things that are still related to what you do.  For example, if you are an author, talk about some other books that you are excited about that are coming out.  You can also try talking about some books that were turned into movies.  These are also great ways to get your followers to engage and get into a conversation with you and each other.

On a related note, you want your tweets to be all about your followers.  This means that you need to be able to talk about your business without what you say coming off as all about your business.  Your followers and potential customers need to get a feel that what you post is going to benefit them in some way.

Stay on Track

Do not slack once you have built a steady following.  People using social media have a short attention span.  If you go a week or so without posting, it is not hard for your followers to forget that you even exist.  This is where using scheduled tweets can help.  This will ensure that you get at least one tweet per day to keep followers interested and engaged.

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