Affiliate Marketing In The Weight Loss Industry: A Gold Mine!

When navigating the world of internet marketing, it is easy to get lost. There are a million different roads to take; it’s not easy to figure out which one is right for you.

Affiliate marketing is one of those roads and it can have serious earning potential. It is all about taking advantage of SEO and building a niche site that makes as much money as possible.

Within affiliate marketing, there is a goldmine. The goldmine is known as the weight loss industry. It is rapidly growing every year, and countless people are cashing in on it.

The World Health Organization reports over one billion adults are overweight. Just last year, $60 billion were spent on weight loss products. The potential is there for any affiliate marketer to flourish – but you need the proper skills to do so.

Here are four key tips you should consider before diving into the weight loss industry’s affiliate market.

1. You Are Not a Discount Superstore

There are plenty of big box stores both online and offline that offer incredibly cheap prices and have a never ending selection. This is not the way to go when it comes to affiliate marketing and the weight loss industry.

You need to be much more specific than that. Pick a handful of products within the weight loss industry and sell only those. If you try to sell every product under the sun – even if they are within this niche – it will be difficult to make any money.

2. Be Cautious Of New Products

When a new weight loss supplement, pill, workout, or diet comes out, there is always a lot of chatter around it. Since the product is new, it is likely to bring in some big sales at the very beginning.

It might be tempting to jump on the bandwagon every time one of these new weight loss sensations gets introduced.  There is definite earning potential while the product is hot.  But how long will a product be popular?

For the best long term success, focus on products that have staying power.  You don’t want to build your entire marketing scheme on products that will fall from grace after a few short months.  If you do, you’ll be in a never-ending cycle of re-evaluating your product line.

A great example of this is Hoodia. Hoodia came out many years ago and was slated as a revolutionary new product. In the beginning, it sold very well. But then it was discovered that a large majority of Hoodia supplements being sold in the US were fake.  Once the discovery was made, the product vanished from the market.

When looking for products, you don’t necessarily have to stay away from all the hottest trends.  But you should absolutely proceed with caution.  Don’t put all your eggs in the fad basket.

3. Avoid Misleading Products

Since the weight loss industry is so vast and in such high demand, there are always going to be products that offer unheard of, never before seen, miraculous results. The only problem with these supplement are that most often times, they do not actually have any proven health benefits.

Again, these hot trends may be able to bring in some cash.  But do you really want to base your business on such a shaky foundation?

For example, acai berry is a well-known weight loss product. It is said to have tremendous benefits for weight loss hopefuls. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence of this.

Check out the following statistics from Google’s Keyword Tool.  While there are still plenty of people interested in using acai berries for weight loss, there are quite a few people who have caught on to the scam.

Just like with new products, you don’t have to completely steer clear of products that are still in the research and development stage.  Just be aware of the potential controversy you’ll be exposing your business to.

4. Take a Different Approach to SEO

Once you have established a niche and selected a few solid products, it is time to optimize. SEO is the foundation of affiliate marketing. Be sure to pick your keywords carefully.

As an affiliate site, you are not trying to be the most informative blog about a specific product. You are trying to be the site with the most sales; your keywords should reflect that.

Focus your SEO efforts on buying keywords.  Instead of simply emphasizing “vitamin B12 injections,” go for “buy vitamin B12 injections” or “shop for vitamin B12 injections.”

Affiliate marketing is just one road in the world of internet marketing. It can be as effective as you make it. By capitalizing on a goldmine like weight loss, you are setting yourself up for a successful niche business. Use your new found knowledge and go down the profitable road that is affiliate marketing.

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