Amazing Benefits of Office to Rent that You Probably Don’t Know

Serviced or alternative offices are becoming more popular that almost all important cities in the world such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, Rio, Tokyo for examples are abound with these type of offices waiting to serve frequent business travelers, attracting sales people and new business; either as branches or head offices. Much has been said about the many benefits of office rentals especially in Hong Kong, but some people are not aware of such amazing advantages that it can give. Here are some of those that people miss.

Pay For One Bill Only

When you own an office or construct one for your business, chances are that every month you will be bombarded with several bills such as water, electricity, Internet connection and janitorial services for example. At times, because there are plenty of notices or bills to monitor, there are chances where forgetting to pay or money running out to pay for one or two bills might occur. With serviced offices, generally, the contract specifies that you pay all bills in one monthly lease agreement depending on the agreement. Therefore, you only really have to worry about is paying the rent and you will have continuous access to all utilities and services offered by alternative offices.

Pay What You Use

Why buy all office equipments and solutions when you might not use them very frequently? Serviced offices like business centres, shared offices or day offices will provide you with all the office solutions you need. Some of these offices offer packaged rates in order to use fax machines, photocopiers, scanners, etc. Other office for rent services provide per page rate in order to send fax message, duplicate documents, or per transaction cost to answer or call customers for you, so once you decide to cease operations, you do not have to worry about disposing your office equipment.

Renew When You Want

One of the most amazing benefits of serviced offices is that you are not tied up with long contracts wherein you still pay the whole contract cost when you terminate it prematurely. Renting a day office or shared office consists of short term duration that you allow you to rent one even if it’s only for a few days or a few weeks. Should you decide longer tenure, you can opt for a 12 month contract and renew it once business is doing well. In addition, what is very amazing is that are not bombarded with burdens when you terminate the contract as there are no infrastructure to pull down, no office equipment to bring along with you, and no need to contact utility providers to inform them that you are terminating their services and await for them to perform necessary actions.

Some of you might think that office rentals for alternative or serviced offices are quite staggering considering that it can be likened to an office suite which tycoons and ultra rich businessmen use. Do not worry as there are several options for you. If you possess the patience to scout around, you will find the most appropriate office for you and your business in terms of rental budget. And most of all, the convenience it brings together with the prestigious address attached to your business as well as other benefits will offer more than a offset rent expense.

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  1. Office to rent is a great concept and has picked up really well in the last few years. However, it is crucial to read the fine print while renting an apartment with a service provider. I have had a few known one’s pay a lot of hidden fees after 1 month of using the serviced office space

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