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  1. @AdrienneSmith40

    I heard about this recently Richard over at my friend Carolyn's blog. She writes all about tech stuff and I found this a very interesting addition. Unfortunately, I don't have a Kindle so it's not an option I would be able to take advantage of at this moment. Still not sure if I even want a Kindle. I know they are convenient, but my Mom and I like to share our books with each other and our friends so that wouldn't be possible with a Kindle.

    Great addition thought and for those Kindle lovers, I'm sure they will really find this a great feature too! Who wouldn't right!


  2. Hamish

    Hello Richard,

    You're right, it's a very smart move by Amazon – which is hardly surprising I suppose, they seem to never put a foot wrong in the ebook reader and ebook market. The Kindle is a great device – and the new $ 79 version is perfectly fine if all you want to do is to read books. I got one for my son's Christmas and I can tell you that the new screen is great.

    The only small problem I have is that, although I am an Amazon Prime member, I live in the UK. So, I can't access the free lending library just at the moment. I expect that the service will come to the UK fairly soon though (I certainly hope it does).
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  3. Kate Brown Wilson

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  4. Steve

    I agree, Amazon is taking great pains to make the Amazon prime membership a complete no-brainer. Besides the lending library (brilliant!) there also offering tons of free movies, TV shows and streaming downloads to prime membership now.

    This is all great boon for the user, but also brilliant on Amazon's part since it gets people buying their products and locking them in for many future e-book, streaming video, etc. etc. purchases

    Truly brilliant moves by Amazon!!

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