Attending marketing conferences relevant to your business really works!

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I wasn’t always an internet marketer. In fact, I took on Biology and Environmental Science majors in college, as well as a Chemistry minor. However, in today’s job market, it doesn’t seem to be that strange of a scenario. In fact, I have one (yes, ONE) friend from college who has indeed found a job in her original field, and surprisingly enough she’s an actress! At age 18, I wouldn’t have thought that an aspiring actress would have a job before my aspiring-scientist self, but boy was I ever wrong!

But nonetheless, in my unemployed/job-hunting phase post-college, I came across a huge number of entry-level internet marketing opportunities. Sure, I have always been a professional Google-user, but if you asked me what SEO was two years ago, I’d inform you that I’ve never heard that term in my life. Apparently, however, my “fast-learner” and computer and internet-savvy self was considered a great candidate to take on an entry level SEO job. And I can honestly say that I’ve learned more about how this “SEO subculture”, as I first liked to describe it to my friends and family as, works than anything I learned in four years at school.

I’ve found that although excellent customer service, cold-calling, among other practices are fantastic ways to gain and keep clients, my most positive customer outreach experiences come from attendance at relevant conferences. My job has given my the opportunity to travel, for which I am very grateful. I’ve had the opportunity to attend an SMX Conference, PubCon, among others. The networking, exhibiting, and speaking my company has done at these conferences has boosted our sales. In turn, we now have the opportunity to take the trip out to London for The Conversion Conference. We couldn’t be more excited because not only will this particular conference give us the opportunity to pick up new clients, but also improve our business model as a whole.

When your company is seeking out worthwhile conferences to attend, it is very important to keep your end goal, or what you want out of it, in mind and choose accordingly keeping location, budget, etc. in mind as well. If you’ve never attended a conference, start local and cheap to get a good feel for it and make sure you talk to the veterans while you’re there. Good luck in your searches!

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