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  1. learnit2earnit
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    After reading your information about audible books Richard, it makes me want to look at using them again.  Long time ago I would pop in a tape or CD and listen to books in that format.  But now with iPods’, etc. this is a good idea to get back to reading in this format. 
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to start listening/reading again!

    1. richescorner
      richescorner at | | Reply

       @learnit2earnit Thank you.  I used to pop in the books on tape years ago, but I found that the voice quality turned me off.  When I discovered Audible, I was pleasantly surprised and am really happy to be able to get in some reading on my commute to work.  I’m glad I inspired you to read/listen again.  I love books and being able to read/listen again is like rediscovering an old friend…

  2. AdrienneSmith
    AdrienneSmith at | | Reply

    That’s interesting Richard although I’ve never listen to books on audio.  I much prefer the written word.
    Now when I walk everyday I listen to my iPod but I have motivational speeches and teaching loaded up.  Right now I’m going through a 13 part session on the law of attraction and today I’ll listen to part 10.  It’s really great too.
    That’s pretty neat though and am sure that you’ve gotten a lot of use from this service.  
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. richescorner
      richescorner at | | Reply

       @AdrienneSmith I love the written word because my imagination fills in the details.  However, I’ve grown to love listening books as well because I can listen/read a book on the go.  Plus, a really good narrator just adds to the richness of the book.  
      It’s not just for fiction either, there are really good non-fiction books as well, such as the Law of Attraction in audiobook format.  :)

  3. wonderoftech
    wonderoftech at | | Reply

    Hi Richard,Great article! I’m a big fan of Audible. I’ve been using them for years and enjoy them more than printed books. As you said, a good narrator can bring books alive for the listener.
    I have to respectfully disagree with you about the prices, however. I think Audible books are a bargain. The CD versions of books can run $25 or more. An audiobook on Audible with a Platinum membership costs a little over $9. Audible also runs sales often, such as buy three books, get one free or 50% off sales. Plus with a Platinum membership you don’t need to wait until the next month to use your credit.
    Thanks for providing your list of favorite Audible books. I’m always on the lookout for good Audible books!

    1. richescorner
      richescorner at | | Reply

       @wonderoftech Thanks for the input, overall I do think that the service is well worth it, or I wouldn’t have bought it myself.  I think the platinum membership adds up to just a bit over $11 per book.  I plan on upgrading my gold membership to platinum because I do think that’s a better bargain.  
      I would say at $11 a book, it’s in between the price of a paperback and a hardback version of the same book.  The great voice acting totally justifies the price and the additional included Wall Street Journal or NY Times subscription really solidifies the deal.
      I’m loving all the books I’ve read so far, and I think you will too.  

      1. wonderoftech
        wonderoftech at | | Reply

         @richescorner Lol, I guess I haven’t priced the books lately. I signed up years ago for the Platinum package and it’s up for renewal soon. I was comparing the Audible prices to the CD prices, which are much more expensive. 
        I’m glad you’re loving all of the books. I’ve read mostly books I’ve rated 4 or 5 stars. I also like how Audible helps you to discover new books. I listened to The Help and The Hunger Games before anyone else had ever discovered them.
        Thanks again for your great review!

        1. richescorner
          richescorner at | | Reply

           @wonderoftech Discovering new books is the best part.  I love being able to preview and hear how the narrator reads the books.

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