Auditing Your Corporate Culture To Boost Business Efficiency

You might have all the snacks available, plus the varying schedule throughout the summer and winter seasons all planned out, but understand that a true corporate culture rests on these factors:

  • Perspective of the Employee
  • Understanding of the Employee
  • Integral Role of the Employee

Your corporation is about them. They are the culture. How they view the company they work for matters the most. There have been quite a few changes in the corporate landscape, though, to shake things up a bit, redefining and even regurgitating what it really means to work for a company.

Before you know it, after all the lay-offs, mergers, acquisitions, turnover rates, new hires and terminations you can face, your company really doesn’t know what it is as defined by your associates. Why? Because directly from the ground up, they never knew where their place was from the get go.

This is where the company ends up between a rock and a hard place. There’s no growth. No expansion. The workforce sort of clambers around each other, trying to figure out who’s role is what and where to go from where they are. So much ended up lost in the shuffle of the changing landscape. So you know what you do?

You Set Yourself Up for a Corporate Culture Audit

Reinforce your core values. Sometimes they can get forgotten as time passes, and when you’re working hard to meet the bottom line, calculating the budget and forecasting the following year, it might even be hard to remember all of it. If you were to set up an “audit,” as it’s commonly known, you can reinvigorate that basic corporate identity you had from the very beginning, possibly accounting for any change in your particular industry as well.

Undoubtedly, this sets you up for accurate hiring in the future. If you know where your company seems to be headed or where it should head, you’ll know what kind of employees you’re going to want on your team.

Get Creative!

Moreover, your employees need to feel motivated when coming to work. The day-in, day-out routine can get kind of stale, and before you know it, the vibrant culture sort of loses its color. This is what you can do to keep your workforce excited —

  • Hire Date Anniversaries — Without a doubt, celebrate your employees. Think of them as birthdays.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Be Goofy — Everyone loves a day where you can be just “off the wall.” In a way, your office can be to some degree like a “fraternity”!
  • Incorporate the “Knights of the Round Table” — Like King Arthur, his knights were all equals with him. Involve your decisions for the company with the staff. They have valuable insight as well.
  • Spend One-on-One Time With Each Employee — Get to know how they’re doing, what motivates them, any concerns they have, their pride in their work, how they’re utilizing their strengths. Don’t be the wizard behind the curtain, planning everything and never including them. Be involved.
  • Set Your Specific Goals in Line With Your Employees — Not only does your company want to expand, but your associates do as well. Find out what their goals are. Invest in them. Allow them to creatively develop new skills as they work. Let their expertise help your business grow.
  • Everyone Gets a Piece of the Pie — Revenue and profit shouldn’t be just for senior leadership. Let it be for everyone. Continual raises, promotions, constant matching 401k’s and shares of stock are great ways to hand out the pieces.
  • It’s About Charity — Can you imagine how noble and fuzzy your staff would feel inside, knowing their work and effort’s actually devoted to some cause outside of the office. Numerous times businesses have donated part of their profit and revenue, donated time, donated anything for a nonprofit organization of some kind, and it’s become an annual ritual. A business loves to be a sponsor for something.
  • Remain Flexible — Ask any potential employee about what they consider valuable to them in a company. It’s about flexibility, floating days, time off, no hoops to jump into. Being able to understand that your accountant needs a day off to spend with the spouse after a newborn baby entered the world can do loads for employee morale.

Your Culture — or the Culture You Want — Needs to Define How You Hire

Ultimately, your employees need to match where your company is going, or where you want it to go. If not, expect a high turnover rate. Expect negative morale. Expect people to come to work looking like they don’t care. Before you know it, you’ve got people leaving — or you firing — and you’re in that vicious cycle of constantly hiring new people, exhausting the employment market to death, constantly consulting with your qualified business lawyer, only to have to go through the process all over again.

Revitalize it by matching the culture you want with your employees. It starts with them. Yes, it’s about the snacks. Sure, it’s about whether or not you’ve got a good 401k available. Truthfully, an employee will ultimately be happy with you and your company for one reason: the employee loves the job. Nothing can accomplish that more than defining your corporate culture perfectly.

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