Author: Carina Parry-Stevens

My names Carina Parry-Stevens, graduate in Broadcast, Journalism and Media Communication in 2014: I've gone on to achieve a number of things during the first year of my career.

A love of writing, a passion for communication I revel in the business industry and enjoy sharing my experiences and expertise.

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Guess What! Wi-Fi is changing: the future is…LED Light

Just when you think we’ve reached the peak of the technological ice berg, we’re leaping towards a whole new high. Gone are the days where LED Lights are being used solely for general eco-friendly light sources or innovative architectural designs: LED lighting is quickly paving a new method of mobile data delivery and: it’s incredible.

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How to Grow Your Business When you’ve hit a Brick Wall

Every business goes through a stage of economic turmoil. It’s the nature of the industry and something every sustainable business owner can relate to. Developing your business through times of hardship is difficult and could take years depending on the nature of the problem: rest assure, every good business owner is able to see their

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