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Edwin is an online marketer and writer currently working at 9th sphere - An award winning company specializing in online marketing and web design in Toronto. Edwin has a passion for helping businesses succeed.

iPhone Apps Your Business Should be Using

With business endeavours being more mobile than ever, business owners must rely on their smartphones to deliver as much functionality as their regular computers. To make it easier to access files, respond to customers, and collaborate with business associates, every business owner should have the following iPhone apps. Evernote Evernote is an iPhone app that lets business

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Getting Rave Reviews Online for Your Business

Customer reviews and testimonials are important to business for several reasons. They offer proof that your company does well what is says it can. They also show that customers who have used your services are happy about their decision. Finally they will help you rank well locally since local search directories display reviews in the

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7 Ways to Make Your Business More Productive

Even the best businesses face the problem of loss in productivity. There are many reasons attached to the problem and every business has a different set of problems attached to their productivity loss. However, hereunder are some measures that you can take to counter the problem and regain the productivity that you desire in your

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