Numbers Of First Time Buyers On The Rise

Despite low numbers of houses currently available on the market (approximately the same as in May 2004, according to recent reports), the number of first time buyer is rising. According to the latest Housing Market Report from the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) the percentage of homes sold by members in February to first […]

The Pitfalls And Potential Behind Changing Your Company's Name: Cautionary Tales

The Pitfalls And Potential Behind Changing Your Company’s Name: Cautionary Tales

Once a company has chosen its name, there is only one good reason for changing it. The truth is, it’s rarely a good idea to change a company name if it’s at all avoidable. It’s difficult to rename or re brand a company without causing any ripples in business. It can be very expensive and […]

6 Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Cloud Backups

Backing up your computer to a cloud storage account makes an awful lot of sense but if there’s one complaint we hear again and again it’s just how slow the backup process can be. Fortunately there’s no need to cancel your storage account or stop backing up. Here we’ll present six simple tips that will […]

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