Author: MarianneRoss

Marianne Ross is a freelance business writer. She's deeply interested in business investment-related topics.

Saving on Your Eyecare Costs: How To Ensure Poor Eyesight Does Not Make You Poor

It’s a common feature of supermarket tabloid magazines- how to recreate a celebrity look on a budget. “Want to look like Angelina Jolie did on the Oscars red carpet without spending more than $50? We can show you how!” These articles conveniently sidestep the fact that replicating Angelina Jolie’s look requires a body just like

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How to Use Google Plus Communities to Promote Your Business

Google+ may not have taken off with as much of a bang as anticipated, but they are continuously rolling out new features that business owners should be aware of. Particularly lately, Google+ now offers a way to market to like-minded people via Google+ Communities. Although Google+ is not the most popular social networking site, it

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