Barter Wars: Utilizing Your Internet Marketing Knowledge for Free Stuff

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With a little determination and negotiating skills, your internet marketing super powers may be just what you need to get what you want, for FREE.

Many business owners do not have the knowledge or the ability to market their business on the Internet. Though they long for a better Internet presence, they cannot achieve it alone. There are also many Internet Marketers that need goods and services that they may be out of reach for their current budget. This mutual need creates tremendous opportunities. Through some simple negotiations, a barter agreement can be achieved that is beneficial to both parties.

Not that bartering for cool free stuff is new; it is probably the oldest form of commerce that humans ever used.  In today’s economy, bartering is becoming more popular. By bartering your Internet Marketing knowledge, you can get those things you need on a daily basis while still maintaining a budget.

With the Internet constantly growing and opening new doors, there is a large demand for small business owners to seek some assistance in marketing online, a skill that is constantly changing and requires someone devoted to staying informed of the latest marketing strategies.

There are many things that could be traded in a barter transaction. If a work space is needed, there are property owners that will exchange free work space for some help with their presence online. Perhaps a webmaster will barter for the monthly fees required to gain premium membership to online communities. Even software, hardware or other business needs could be acquired through a bartering arrangement. Many freelancers have already jumped on the bartering bandwagon by providing written reviews or mentions on their personal websites in exchange for a full version of software

If bartering is something you are considering, the first place to start is with the people who would be able to exchange services with you. Beginning with the people who actually offer the services you need will increase the probability of your bartering success. Networking events can also be a great place to meet potential clients and increase your ability to land a bartering relationship.

Before beginning to barter for free stuff, determine what your services are worth. This way you can evaluate the barter offer by comparing the actual value of the free stuff compared to the value of your time. There is nothing worse than entering into a transaction that you will regret later. It makes it all the more difficult to complete the task when it is known that the deal is not amicable.

One major thing to remember when going into a bartering agreement is your ability to fulfill your end of the deal. These agreements can go south rather quickly if you don’t provide adequate information from the get go. Let the other party know a timeline of your services and how they will stack up to the merchandize they’re providing.

Bartering for free stuff can not only be helpful, it can be fun. It can never be known what will be offered for a particular service. There are endless possibilities. Exchanging internet marketing skills as a bartering commodity will definitely bring some offers. It is a skill-set that is in high demand and there are not enough Internet Marketers to satisfy the request. Getting cool free stuff by bartering is a simple, no hassle way to get the things that are needed for stuff that you have.

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