3 responses to “Biggest Reason People Fail When Trying To Make Money Online.”

  1. Alex@Jocuri

    Funny thing is that people that are selling the products "make money fast while you sleep" to other people, are in turn people who are trying to make money while they sleep themselves(it's a vicious circle). But the fact is that almost no one (except Bill Gates) can't make money while they sleep. If you are serious about making money online you should expect staying late in front of your computer; building links, researching products, building squeeze pages etc. There is no such thing as money for free.

    First you have to think! If someone(you?) would know the secret of making money on autopilot would he(you?) share it? I think not, I wouldn't want my technique to become over saturated from other. The only fact is that they are making money by scamming you into buying false products!

    So think first then buy!

  2. Suresh Khanal

    Easy money is only for some fortunate who have brilliant ideas and can hit where it matters. For us the online money is the return of hard work we put into. I never believe get rich quick methods devised by others. Those methods are for them – they will get rich quick- but followers will never.

    There has been lot of mud in the pond regarding online money. I love you when you say most newbies fail because they start with an intention of earning.

  3. Rammesh Perumal

    I am agree with both of you guys! There are no short cut to make money, Law of universe apply same to whether its offline or online business. The rewards always based on our efforts.( for those earning honest living only ) :)

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