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There are many ways to get involved with charities. While your time is the best gift of all to a charity, monetary donations, business skills, education and resources are also some of the best ways to help all kinds of charities. Charities need a lot of help with campaigning, fundraising, event planning, volunteering and management. The key to picking the right charity is to understand your own loves and goals while also looking at the bigger picture for what a non-profit organization can offer to the community.
Business leaders are often the biggest philanthropists. They are able to give away large sums of money as donations, but some even contribute their time. For example, Scott Reiman is a big business name around Denver. He’s the president of Hexagon, Inc. and a recipient of the Downtown Denver Award. With his contributions and expertise, he’s helped Denver grow and allowed for its education system to thrive. He has participated in Big Brother, served on the board of trustees for University of Denver and Denver Art Museum, donated money to the Colorado Children’s Hospital and much more. It’s these kinds of actions that truly make someone a philanthropist.One of the best ways to help a charity is through campaigning for the cause and using your skills wisely. For example, many charities would benefit from a viral campaign. If you’re an online marketing guru or a web designer, you may have some insight into how a charity can influence the public to support their cause.

You should also consider what it means to donate to a charity. While many non-profit organizations offer great rewards to their causes, there are some charities out there that really don’t donate enough to their cause. You have to be careful about picking the right charity in order to donate your time and money. The worst part of all is that you would support a charity that didn’t actually give anything back to the community. That’s the whole point of charitable giving after all.

Fundraising and event planning are another two big pieces of the puzzle. You have to know how to bring people together in order to support a cause. While it may be easy to stand by and just donate, it’s another thing to fund research, get involved, help charities with their management and just be there as a volunteer.

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