How To Build Links Using Business Profiles

Despite what many people may think as a result of Google’s assault on link schemes and poor quality linking practices in recent months and years, link building is not dead. The trick to modern link building is to ensure that you’re only earning – ideally – or building – perhaps more realistically – links from high quality

What many people forget when undertaking a link building campaign is that they don’t necessarily need to be writing 1,000 word articles as guest bloggers in order to gain a link that probably isn’t that important.

Using Business Profiles

Gaining citations online is an old and traditional method, and certainly isn’t a secret, but it is still one that works and can bring great authority to a website.

Unfortunately, the popularity of a variety of link building methods today means that this basic point is almost forgotten about by businesses. Yes, they’ll pick up the big directory listings by using Google+ Local or Bing Places for Business, but then not focus on the different niche listings that they can benefit from.

Obviously, every business is different, so we’re not in a position to go and list all the places where readers of this article should think about posting their profile. However, we can give you the best tips that will help you make the most of your profile.

Don’t See it as Just a Link

Modern link building is all about driving traffic to your website, not just earning a link that will give you an added boost in the search engines. Yes, you want to build a link from a business directory where possible, and 99% of the time you’ll have the opportunity to do so.

However, if a directory only offers a no follow link, you should still take the time to create a listing, as it will still have an impact on your SEO.

Fill in Everything

Ensure you fill in each field when submitting your business details to a directory, and are as specific as possible when it comes to choosing a category.

It is important to remember not to get clever. Many businesses use different profiles to change their location or category, thinking that they’ll be making themselves more visible to a wider audience. In fact, this has the opposite effect, as it merely waters down your SEO value and confuses Google as to where you are, who you are, and what you do.

Make sure the details on a directory match those on your website.

Use an SEO Company

Business directory listings are an important part of SEO and link building, and are essential links to have for their authority and quality. An SEO agency that specialises in local SEO, such as Bright Local, will be able to help you increase your directory presence by unearthing the business directories you didn’t even know existed, while if you’re looking for a wider reaching SEO solution, including business citations, then a general SEO marketing company like Bough SEO will help you achieve this.

Not only are business profiles great for SEO and offer a quality link, the best ones will generate traffic and increase your sales. Can you afford not to spend time making the most of business directories?

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