Building Marketing Networks That Render Riches

Most people tend to start with nothing when they are building marketing networks from scratch.  If this is the case, we would like to introduce you to network marketing prospecting, which is simply ‘scoping out’ other like minded individuals who share a goal common to yours, then planning the initial first meeting far ahead of time.  This process is arguably the most important skill to master when looking to establish your network marketing business and therefore it is important you invest some time towards developing your technique. For this reason we have dedicated a whole chapter towards how to improve your prospecting success.

As the term ‘prospecting’, like in baseball or football, suggests, the skill of prospecting in network marketing is essentially a sales and marketing business technique. The most common problem with this is that there are very few network marketers who have any tertiary qualifications to show off in sales or marketing. Therefore, it is important that you are willing to dedicate some of your training time towards the learning of some necessary basic sales and social marketing principles, to the point that you can develop your prospecting technique and put it in effect properly instead of shooting arrows in the night sky trying to master building a marketing network.

Online Methods Possible

The best online way these days to prospect and building a marketing network is through social media, hands down. With the emergence of micro blogging websites such as Twitter and Facebook, people have a wider spectrum to work with to prospect their leads.  It’s a lot more time-consuming to harvest your marketing network leads in this manner as opposed to renting a mailing list, however, the process of renting a mailing list needs to be replicated over and over once you expand to another metro market or country altogether;  with the power that you have with social media at your fingertips, you can prospect strong business ties from leads within social media, and you can do so without becoming a pest to their ‘walls’ or ‘tweethood’.

Finally, when you are building a marketing network, you should keep in mind that your costs need to be low and your service needs to be high.  Always attempt to translate all marketing materials in numerous languages, non-machined, using Technovate Translations for all your  bilingually directed content. In simple business nomenclature, the customer is always right and since you are harvesting leads from a social network or email with the intention of building a marketing network to sell to, others have to simply come first in all that you do.  All of your major brands, both old and new, had methods involved in networking.  When first starting out on the road to building a marketing network, you must proceed with delicate intentions and a heart full of aspiration and good intentions or the plan will be a flop.

Multi Level Marketing Today

Multi level marketing can no longer claim to be new in this day and age and, is thus, exempt from the normal rules of the marketing chain and the way goods and services are sold to the end consumer. Many people and methods in the past have been tried and, for the most part, have failed miserably. Some have been miserable failures in spite of offering excellent products. Social media marketing innovations are not rare anymore in the modern world, as evidenced by the success of Mashable, which found a more efficient and profitable way to distribute news and services than the status quo, and providing timely tips that constantly are providing lasting value to stockholders, employees, distributors, and consumers. But this is not the case with any multi level marketing schema to date, and after 25 years of failed attempts, it is time to point out the reasons why these ventures flop.

Tangible Products

Non-multi level marketing real-world businesses that offer tangible products of interest to friends, family, etc., such as insurance agents and small retail shop owners, seem to be more circumspect in dealing with personal relationships in all but a few rare (and grievous) cases. But the MLMer is recognizable by duplicity of friendship overtures, overbearing glad-handing, full-time prospecting, outrageous initial deception, and social callousness. This is no accident, but rather sheer desperation. How could it be otherwise? For the active MLMer is in a hopeless bear trap: with hubris as one steel jaw and oversaturation the other.

A good proper definition of multi level marketing would be as such: Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a seriously distorted income opportunity, in which hapless persons recruited into a network of eager participants make ongoing purchases of products and services, and recruit others to do the same, and they still others, etc., in endless chains of recruitment and personal consumption,  in order to qualify for commissions and bonuses and to advance upward in the hierarchy of levels in a pyramid of participants.  Product purchases become the means of disguising or laundering investments in the scheme, leaving the person at the bottom of the food chain at a loss for words, and in extreme cases, a loss of income.

In Closing

Multi level marketing is an unfair, arguably illegal practice that sucks hard earned money away from legitimate businesses and individuals that have dollar signs in their eyes in hopes of getting ahead. Simply taking the time to perform due diligence can relieve you from any grief, as well as it can save you and those you care about much time, money, and depression, as it has done for many others that have found themselves in a vortex that only a multi level marketing networks scheme can entrap you in.

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