Business that Give Back to Communities: Taking the High Road

You don’t have to own a corporation in order to engage in philanthropic work. Giving back to the community can be a powerful way for your business to establish its reputation and care for the community. The most successful businesses are attracting highly talented workers who desire to work in an office place culture that values creativity and philanthropic work. Your business can truly stand out by taking the high road and giving back in a variety of ways.

Just take a look at the ways in which Charles Phillips has given back to the community. As a business leader of Oracle, Charles Phillips has made it a point to incorporate philanthropic work into his daily life, as well as the life of Oracle. Mr. Charles E Phillips has helped provide children with the opportunity to attend college through the creation of scholarship programs.

The Phillips Charitable Organization is one of the top foundations that serves a variety of charities. The group is most noted for helping provide financial assistance to single parents and at-risk youth.

The Phillips Charitable Organization has given over $100 million back to communities in the past ten years. Imagine being able to make this type of significant impact on local communities with your own business. Your business could truly have a positive impact on people who need your help.

There are many benefits that your business can enjoy when it decides to give back to communities. First, your business will be able to attract the most talented workers in the tech industry.

Highly intelligent professionals are now making a conscious decision to work in those companies that decide to give back to the world and help others. Even if your business is a start-up company, you can still find ways to engage in philanthropic work and attract a highly talented workforce.

Your company can decide to use social media in order to create its own philanthropic competitions. This can help improve the marketing strategy of your company and help you gain new customers at the same time. Your company may decide to host a presentation contest that allows customers to discuss the ways that they give back to their local communities.

The winners with the best stories are able to receive a sum of money that can be applied toward one of their favorite charities. This sort of contest gives contestants an opportunity to share the ways that they have given back, and it helps foster a culture of giving back within your own company.

Your business truly benefits when it decides to give back to the community. While it may seem costly at first, philanthropic work is actually an investment in the success of your business. Your business should always make it a point to incorporate philanthropic work into its daily operations and seek to help those who need it most. This will not only improve the image of your business, but it will also foster a spirit of goodwill amongst your employees and clients.

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