Can Cloud Computing help your business grow?

We have heard a lot about cloud computing over the past months, but is it really beneficial for an organization? If yes, how does it help in growing your business?

In today’s post, we will find answers to the noted questions and learn something about cloud computing too.


Before we answer these questions, here is a brief about how technology has evolved and how quick were we to embrace it.

A fax machine is one of the oldest forms of business communication, and it helped people transact their business with their clients. However, it was patented in 1843 and took more than 150 years to get the recognition it deserved. Today, we hardly use it.

Over the past few years, we have been dependent on Facebook. But did you know that Facebook took six years to reach 500 million users and was started in 2004? However, it took just two years to surpass 1 billion.

What has been the difference between the two forms of technology?

Talking about it from a business point of view, businessmen appreciated the presence of a fax machine in their company but because of limited functionality, things were not at its best.

With Facebook, things were quick and easy. Reaching potential clients was easier. Yes, it has its expenses, but we cannot ignore the benefits.

Similarly, cloud computing has its benefits and is purely for those who are interested in growing their business.


Cloud computing is helping businesses with the much-needed accessibility, scalability, and availability.

However, it is important to choose the right cloud technology. Choosing the right cloud technology, you can be sure that you are being delivered with the necessary speed and agility that will help the organization find ways to not only create value, but also deliver and capture it.

Did you know? 45% of the total number of businesses that have adopted cloud have done it with the sole reason of the agility provided by the cloud technology.


Another interesting fact is that 75% of private U.S. companies are prioritizing innovation. To help them achieve their goals, cloud technologies are helpful because it provides companies with the necessary flexibility and benefits. This helps companies to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and coordinate their innovative efforts in a better way.


So, let’s move to the most important question. Is cloud computing helpful and beneficial for business owners?

Stats note that companies with high cloud adoption have benefitted from the inclusion of cloud technology. Reported revenue growth has been 2X while reported growth of gross profit has been higher by 2.5X times (stats are compared with peer companies that have been cautious about cloud computing).

However, only choosing the right cloud technology is not enough. Merging it with your efforts is extremely necessary too.


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