Can Cloud Services Help Your Business?

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Not only do businesses need the cloud but so do individuals, and this article will give some reasons why. Cloud is the term used to define how the internet works to connect computer communications technology with all kinds of hand held devices. Currently the hand held devices found to be most popular are: iPods, iPad, iPhones, Notepads or Tablets by a multitude of manufacturers giving a person a choice as to which brand and services they need to have. Beginning as early as middle school to older adults, they all want to have their own personal hand held devices for texting, emails, phone calls, accessing internet applications and social websites. The devices also allow server access to the internet just like a computer.

Software companies have realized that the present software applications had to be reinvented and designed to work across a multitude of platforms. In addition the existing software applications would need to be upgraded to work on all devices that interface and communicate using the internet. These changes have brought about the new methods of operating a business. How businesses conduct their day to day communications today is to rely on the use of mobile computerized hand held technological devices. This new method of communications using the internet became known as the ‘Cloud.’

Combining the phone with the computer application capability enables an employee to work onsite or offsite. The ‘Cloud’ method has been in practice by most businesses and individuals that find calling an associate, or sending an email will get immediate attention. Of course those employees that work from their cars, or out and away from the home office, for instance law enforcement officers; can keep in touch with the office constantly. Data is entered immediately via the hand held device thus keeping a businesses transactions up to date. Real time reports can be generated at any time thus managers have the upper hand to foresee any issues that need changing. Best of all the real time use of the ‘Cloud’ allows persons to stay in touch anywhere and anytime of the day or night. Business does not have to be confined to an eight hour work day anymore.

Every day more and more businesses are providing the ‘Cloud’ tools to their employees to make completing the daily tasks easier. Excellent communication is the number one priority for businesses and individuals in this ‘gotta have it now’ society. The computer technology and products offered to the public continues to be improved every day. Eventually the ‘Cloud’ way of communicating will become the norm.

Because of the ‘Cloud’, no longer does business have to have a physical location. with all the combined benefits of the ‘Cloud’ businesses can transact business via the internet website. Websites with beautiful pictures and detailed descriptions for products or services and user friendly website links and guides are enticing potential customers. With secure payment screens and shopping carts for customers, products are easily sold from internet websites. Friendly blogging and reviews are welcomed by most businesses. Customers don’t have to worry about security when payments are made via the internet because businesses have taken steps to ensure the confidentiality of all transactions.

The internet ‘Cloud’ has also promoted global growth for many businesses with language barriers broken and the sale of products or services can be worldwide. With the ever changing internet software and the ‘Cloud’ security is the priority of all businesses when it comes to their servers being hacked. Financial institutions are always on guard with computer tech analysts that do nothing but make sure the servers do not get compromised because of the ever changing technological changes.


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