Can Google Influence Consumer Behavior?

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The internet today has become one very important medium or if you like source through which external information is gotten. Information that was hitherto conventionally available in various channels is now available via just one medium – the internet. And, this medium permits an almost unlimited free access to all kinds of information from virtually anywhere in the world. It is perhaps for this reason that the internet is sometimes referred to as the ‘World Wide Web.’

Now the information provided on the internet is all-inclusive such that this medium allows information to be gotten from everywhere and anywhere at any given point in time. Also, it reduces or lessens information asymmetry via the removal of the existing distinction between the person sending out information and the one receiving same, since both sides involved in these separate activities do the other as well. And, to retrieve information on the internet one will have to either carry out an active search or navigate online.

Enter search engines      

Okay the development of the internet technology also brought with it a vast amount of information on this medium to the extent that navigating to desired content or information became challenging. It was for this reason that search engines were introduced in order to make such searches much easier. These online tools discover relevant content on the World Wide Web based on the query made on them. The query made on them may be with respect to a particular keyword, an image or some other search.

With the use of search engines it is now possible for consumers to effortlessly and precisely gain access to desired content or information available on the internet. For one it makes it possible for internet users to locate, compare plus verify information. Through it consumers can easily learn, compare plus verify offers. In other words, they can make use of it to compare prices and locate a shop that offers the lowest rate or price for any selected product or item. And, the most widely used search engine the world over in the second decade of the new millennium is undoubtedly Google.

The Google effect

The use and popularity of the Google search engine today is not in doubt. It is certainly the one that most people rely upon in order to conduct different kinds of searches that they carry out online. So the question now is to what extent if any does this search engine of choice influence the buying decisions of consumers? Well, one way this might be happening is regarding Google doodles. Now did you say what that is? Okay for those who don’t know a Google doodle is a logo design on Google search engine home-page that celebrates anniversaries, holidays, as well as famous scientists and artists?

And on April 03, 2011, the home-page of had a doodle on it in honor of what is believed to be the 119th birthday celebration of the first substantiated ice-cream sundae. On the same day, a number of businesses in the U.S. say they actually got busier selling this treat. Did this happen by chance or what? Well, why some do not see how this is of any relationship between this doodle and increased sales in some business outfits others believe otherwise.

In conclusion

Alright even if you are of the opinion that there isn’t any correlation between the appearance of the Google doodle and increased sales in certain outfits that sell ice-cream sundae it is fair enough to say that such possibility exists due to the number of people that visit Google on a daily basis.


Author Bio: Jason Phillips has authored this post. He is a consumer behavior consultant, author, speaker and regular contributor to the media. He has been described as “one of the world’s leading consumer behaviour analytics experts.

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