Can You Make Money Playing Video Games?

A professional gamer is someone who takes his gaming very seriously. Whether it is on Xbox, or another gaming system, playing games for the sheer fun of it, is much different than playing video games as a career where you earn titles and money. It takes patience, dedication, some skill, and hours and hours of practice. Career gaming is different than playing for the sheer pleasure of playing a video game. In order to be a professional gamer, you have to view playing video games as a job, rather than, all fun. Professional gamers are very dedicated to constant learning, putting in the practice hours, as well as, they learn how to handle the disappointment of losing. Especially because there will be plenty of games you don’t win, especially when just starting out. If you get discouraged easily, or tend to give-up quickly if you don’t win, then gaming, as a way of earning a living, might not be for you.

Is Gaming Profitable?

Not all gamers make money playing video games. However, there are those that have dedicated their lives to playing video games and do make money. They have decided to make gaming a career. Some are professional gamers on a part time basis while earnings come from a different daytime job. While some have made gaming their daytime job earning income steadily through it. For most, they can and do make money. And even very good money for some of them.

Those that made a career out of gaming are known as Pro-gamers. They play constantly. They spend countless hours mastering the games they want to compete with. They enter into and play in many competitions. Some require you to go to the tournament, while others can be played online. In many tournaments, you move up the ladder as you win. The biggest league is known as Major League Gaming. It is the first professional video gaming league to be developed.

If you win consistently, you may become sponsored by companies who are willing to pay you for endorsements. Pro-gamers can earn big bucks, earning thousands of dollars in cash and prizes.

How to Become a Professional Gamer

If you decide to become a professional gamer, you will want to make sure you take the right steps; the best steps, in order to have the best chance of being a successful gamer. The first step is choosing the game(s), and/or genres of games that you will play in competition. First, play multiple genres of games to see which one(s) you not only like the best, but are the best at when playing. Even if you are already good with a particular type of game, you will still need lots of practice, so be sure to choose a game you won’t mind spending a lot of time playing. The more games you are good at, and master, the better the chance you will do well in competitions and earn money.

Study all you can about the game(s). Read about it on the gaming sites, learn and memorize the rules, as well as all the best strategies for playing. Talk to other Pro-gamers. Join forums and have regular contact with them to get tips, compare notes, and learn insider information.

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