How to find the right marketing agency for your small business

So, your small business has grown and you cannot rely on your own marketing and promotion campaigns any longer. What do you do? Well, you turn to professionals. More precisely, you start looking at all the various marketing agencies in your area (or not necessarily in your area) that you might hire and let do […]

How To Protect Your Business in a Divorce

Like most people who get married, I never intended to get divorced. However, like more than 50% of all marriages nowadays, mine unfortunately did end in divorce after seven years. As a business owner, this created a more complicated economic situation than many people in this position typically face. When you are an employee, your […]

Beginner’s Guide to Different Business Models

Great sales teams are like well-oiled machines. But even the best teams need regular “tune-ups” to ensure peak performance when selling products or services. Whether your business is large or small, here are 5 proven techniques you can use to keep your sales teams sharp and productive. 1. Reward top producers handsomely Chet Holmes, in […]