The Pitfalls And Potential Behind Changing Your Company's Name: Cautionary Tales

The Pitfalls And Potential Behind Changing Your Company’s Name: Cautionary Tales

Once a company has chosen its name, there is only one good reason for changing it. The truth is, it’s rarely a good idea to change a company name if it’s at all avoidable. It’s difficult to rename or re brand a company without causing any ripples in business. It can be very expensive and […]

How To Manage Stakeholder Expectations

Managing stakeholder expectations is unarguably one of the most difficult tasks that a project manager has. This ongoing process throughout any project, be it a huge software development project or a relatively small engineering project, is stakeholder expectation. Efficient communication between project managers, team members and the project’s stakeholders can mean that even the most […]

7 Sales Secrets For Startups

7 Sales Secrets For Startups

Starting a business has always been hard. It’s even harder in tough economic times, and perhaps the biggest challenge of them all is landing enough sales to make your business self-sustaining. Here are 7 tips that can help you get your startup started and your sales humming. Secret #1: Sell Benefits, not Features This is […]