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What The 2014 World Cup Has Taught Us About Technology And The Internet

As we approach the final stages of the World Cup we can reflect on what we have learned from the tournament in relation to technology. From the number of tweets during the game to the number of people viewing World Cup videos online, the tournament has proven a benchmark to show us how things have […]

London Property Market Is Home To Over 70 Billionaires

When it comes to the truly rich people in the world, there is always a focus on where they are congregating and where they can be found. Some people may have the intentions of meeting these mega-rich people and befriending them or becoming their new partner but for the majority of people, it is just […]

The Smartwatch Epic Fail

The Smartwatch Epic Fail

I would love to say that I was thrilled by the latest series of The Voice but I wasn’t. Not even when’s smartwatch rang in the middle of the final and the caller was apparently Cheryl Cole. Ordinarily someone’s phone ringing on live TV would be quite amusing but this incident was surely nothing […]