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Personal Finance

Rising Mortgage Rates? How This Can Impact You

Rising Mortgage Rates? How This Can Impact You

When the economic downturn gripped the nation several years ago, high unemployment rates, layoffs and mortgage foreclosures were common topics featured in news stories. Despite these ominous economic clouds, there was one silver lining that consumers benefited from. The economic downturn resulted in mortgage rates being close to historic lows for a lengthy period of […]

7 Tips For Doing Your Own Taxes

It’s that time of year again, but what if you’re tired of handing over your hard-earned money to accountants and tax preparers? What if you’d like to tackle your own taxes this year? Here are seven tips for filing solo. 1: Gather All Your Intel Don’t sit down with your tax forms until you’ve gathered […]

Tips for Financially Building Your New Business

New businesses drive more jobs and innovative ideas. Owning any business may be very easy but running it smoothly and effectively seems to be a tough job. Following are some financial management tips that should help in running your new business more effectively so that you can reap the benefits that motivated the decision to […]