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How Technology is Changing the Tattoo and Body Piercing Industries

Eventually, technology changes every industry. Not every industry will be transformed to the extent of, say, the music industry, where technology has repeatedly changed the very format of musical consumption. However, as tech continues to advance and evolve, it’s unrealistic to expect any industry to stay the same—even the ones that fit into the most

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Technology Trends That Are Helping Small Businesses to be Trailblazers

Small businesses have taken a back seat to their larger competitors – until the onset of the information age. Thanks to the evolution of modern technology, small businesses across the globe can efficiently run a business while competing with larger corporations. There are now a plethora of technological tools that entrepreneurs can utilize to start and

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Cloud Accounting: 5 Tips for Making the Transition

Many companies have discovered that they benefit from adopting cloud-based accounting software. Making the switch to new software, however, requires a transitional period. If you’re interested in using cloud accounting software, incorporate these five tips into your transition. They should make the process smoother. Know the Benefits of Transitioning to the Cloud Before you make

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