How HTML5 and SEO killed flash

How HTML5 and SEO killed flash

Back in 2010 Steve Jobs himself, published a letter stating that HTML5 was the future and that Flash was “no longer necessary.” This letter is now famous in the programming world and for good reason.  Since HTML5 has been introduced, Mobile connectivity has been on the rise. Nearly half the population of the United States […]

Accurately Measure Your Mobile ROI in These Easy Steps

Mobile apps are now an integral part of many marketing or internal efficiency campaigns, but they do come with some very unique challenges. Unlike the countless pieces of software or even integrated tracking systems that can be used with more traditional programs, business owners are going to take a unique approach when it comes to […]

Oracle E-Business Suite Migration and upgrade from 11i to R12

Usually an organization assumes that once an agile and well suited Enterprise Resource Planning infrastructure or suite has been implemented the task is done, expecting that it will keep yielding results, not realizing that this line of thought can hinder the organization’s growth. It is important to make the right decision while making the ERP […]