4 responses to “College WTF! Drop Out of Elementary School!”

  1. @SalesMaximus

    Excellent article there. Really loved reading it.

    BTW, did you know that Leo from ZenHabits is home schooling his children?

    I wonder what will happen to colleges if such trends starts. Everyone is an entrepreneur. No more doctyors, lawyers, poets, virtual assistants, bar attenders and what not.
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  2. Cal @ Wedding Favors

    Hi Richard,

    I do believe in the WTF factor. But I'm not sure about dropping school… I don't have a child yet so maybe by the time I have one, I'm hoping that there will already be a big change in education system so that it won't be too difficult for me to decide. :D

  3.  eqa furniture

    I think some people are generalizing stuffs– that because this man succeeded even without a college degree means that it may also happened to them. I can't avoid the idea that people are getting unrealistic over this. For me, college thought me important things that I might not have learned by myself. Yes, it won't teach you everything cause it leaves you something to discover.

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