Competing on the Internet: It’s all about your Brand Value

Nowadays where people’s first channel of communication is Internet, if you’re trying to offer your products or services, you need to have a plan in order to establish a conversation with your actual and potential clients.

Having a recognizable voice in the web is not an easy task: It’s not about being in every social media out there shouting about your products or spending tons of money in advertising and other SEM actions.

The most important thing in order to succeed on the Internet is knowing who you are and what you’re good at. This also implies knowledge about your client’s needs, the tools they use to communicate and what they’re expecting from you.

It’s funny because the description i just wrote is on every old school traditional Marketing book. So you might ask.. What’s this guy really talking about?

What i’m trying to say it’s that marketing strategies and tools changed drastically during the last few decades and the only companies who won major and constant profits where the ones who used those strategies and tools wisely in order to increase their brand’s value.



Using social media channels and online platforms should be focused on improving customer experience value, being more efficient to attend market’s needs and developing new ideas based on your client’s new needs



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