Content Readability And The Robot: The Flesch Reading Score

How readable is your content? Can your website visitors understand fully what you are saying? Content readability has been a quite important issue in the search engine optimization scene lately. Yes, Google has included your content readability as one of the many complex factors in their ranking algorithm. That’s why you have to take heed to this readability calculation formula called The Flesch Reading Test.

What Is Exactly The Flesch Reading Test?

I wouldn’t talk about history here (as it is not necessary), but what you need to know about this test is that it measures your content readability. “How readable is your content?” is apparently what this test is trying to tell you. Once you’ve taken this test, you will know whether your content is easy to read, OK to read, difficult to read, or confusing to read. It all depends on how many words per sentence and how much syllables per words that you’re using.

Google’s Take On Your Content Readability

When you search any content in Google search engine, you can actually filter your result based on its readability factor. You can do this by using “Search Tools” and then choosing the “Reading Level” option. In this way, you can filter your result based on whether it has a basic, intermediate, or advanced reading level. Now, why should Google insert this type of filter if it is of no use in their search algorithm at all? The fact that Google is including the Reading Level as its filter in Search Tools means that webmasters need to be aware that content readability matters for their rank. Some SEO experts even suggest that your content readability will affect your Page Rank, though they didn’t understand fully about how it works or how Google calculates this.

Priority For The Users

Google is known as the search engine that gives full priority to its users. In fact, it is included in one of their business philosophies. So, it is natural for Google to include the reading level of your content as one of the factors to determine your rank. It’s because the more readable your content, the more satisfied your audience will be. And Google would like to bring this satisfaction to its end users. So, that’s why content readability matters. You know that even the old marketing adage tells us about the KISS principle, which will ensure your success in your online business.

Should You Give More Attention To The Flesch Reading Score?

The answer is yes. Why? That’s because your goal is to satisfy your audience and make them come back to your website again. So, you need to make them understand your content easily, and they can’t understand your content easily if you make it difficult to read for them. If you go to this URL (, you will be able to test the reading level of your content before you publish it to your website. It will help you to determine whether your content is easy or difficult to read for your audience.


The number one rule in search engine optimization is always to write high quality content that is useful, easy to read and valuable for your readers. Remember that it is important to write for your readers, not for the search engine robots. So, it will be wise for you as a website owner or content creator to take a look at your Flesch Reading Score before publishing your content to your website since it will determine whether you will make it successful or not in the search engine.

But, remember that it is not the only factor that will ensure your success in the search engine game. There are many other factors to consider as well, such as keyword usage, sentence structure, content quality, linking strategy, and more. Read some great posts like this and interesting relation of SEO and multimedia on

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