Creating an Online Presence with a Website

With the Internet becoming a major part of everyday life these days, there is a constant barrage of reasons for developing an online presence. Through the Internet, people can make their online presence known through a variety of mediums like blogs, social networking profiles, social sharing sites with video and photo uploads, and other strategies. While there are multiple ways to develop this Web presence, one of the surest ways for developing a strong online presence has been building, branding and promoting a website.

Websites have evolved far from the early Information Age standard threefold Home page, About Us and Contact Us pages. In many cases, websites have emerged to include a highly interactive and engaging presence for many companies, virtually leveling the playing field for small companies to compete with larger companies on a greater and grander scale in a global marketplace. Many websites include all of the bells and whistles such as flash, audio and video embeds, RSS feeds from blogs, and tons of more features. For business, many websites include e-commerce such as shopping carts and virtual catalogs for browsing that can also be shared via social networks.Long before a website is launched and shared online, someone has to plan it out and design a website. Careful planning is a major factor when it comes to website design and development. Without taking numerous factors into consideration, many websites fail to reach their potential or target audience, leaving someone to return to the drawing board once again in order to enhance or even overhaul the entire website. When it comes to making an online presence work for business, just having a website up and running will never suffice. The website must match the company’s image with branding through imagery like logos and verbiage as well as color scheme and layout.

Website design requires careful attention. Many website design and hosting sites offer two forms of packages. Some sites like offer a Do It Myself Package, where you pay for domain name registration, select a web hosting plan, and drag and drop various elements into a web page template, while the Do It for Me Package includes an expert setup, web hosting, professionally designed layout and maintenance. Other companies tend to offer similar options.

Developing a web presence is all about making a lasting impression. That impression starts as soon as someone enters into the website.

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