Customer Service by Phone Resolutions

Customer service by phone is supposed to provide proper assistance for people that are having issues with certain products or services provided by a company. All customer service agents need to be trained on how to handle an array of phone call situations involving diverse customers. For example, customer service agents need to be prepared to deal with unhappy customers that are frustrated with some of the technical features of a particular brand’s product. Other customers may be calling in to express their dissatisfaction for a product based on poor quality. A call center training program is an example of a seminar that properly educates customer service representatives.

Phone call etiquette for customer service involves proper greetings based on the person that is calling. For instance, a young lady that is calling customer service needs to be addressed as “miss” throughout the conversation. A gentleman that reaches the customer service hotline should be addressed as “sir” or “mister.” Customer service agents need to maintain a polite tone even if the callers are rude and aggressive. The bottom line is that calls must be resolved or at least attempted for resolutions. Some callers may hang up due to frustration and other negative feelings. Such callers may actually hurt the job reputation of a customer service agent. A manager expects that customer service phone calls should be resolved within several minutes. It is also desirable to minimize the amount of phone calls that are forwarded for the manager to handle or resolve.

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