Debunking Myths About Website Builders

We often base our opinions on beliefs that don’t reflect reality. Sometimes, we are afraid to try new things just because we’re comfortable with what we already have and are not willing to take any risks. Though this strategy has its undeniable advantages, everyone who follows it might miss out on a chance to discover something new and exciting. This is particularly the case when it comes to business.

One of the greatest challenges business owners face these days is establishing a web presence. There are so many options out there that finding the right one can be a tough task. Shall I hire a freelance designer or sign a contract with a web design agency? Or perhaps, I could create a website myself? Each option has its own benefits and disadvantages. Today we’re talking about the third option, namely Do-It-Yourself website builders.

For unknown reasons, site constructors are considered by many as low-quality website creation apps that aren’t worth spending more than 10 minutes with. Many believe that sites built using a website builder are destined to look ugly and cheap. Wrong. Blaming website builders for ugly websites is like blaming Photoshop for poorly retouched photos. Site builders are nothing but tools allowing you to express yourself through creating web pages. I’ve seen dozens of jaw-dropping sites built using website builders. I’ve also seen not-so-nice websites. The verdict is: it all depends on your diligence, sense of aesthetics, budget and time. And now let’s get back to business and debunk some myths :).

My Website Will Look Cheap and Ugly

Have you seen MotoCMS templates? This website builder has over 2,000 HTML and Flash themes for all tastes. Their library is being updated on a regular basis as new web design trends and technologies emerge. It’s virtually impossible to create an ugly website with it :).

There’s No Room for Customization

With modern site builders you can make pixel-accurate changes in your site design (if you’re handy with codes of course). Take uCoz for instance. Their system lets users make changes directly in the HTML code. In other words, you get full code control that allows you to make accurate edits in an easy and professional manner.

Professionals Find Website Builders Boring

There’s no black-and-white answer. It depends on a website builder. Webydo for instance is targeting professional designers and other creative individuals who are well-versed in Photoshop/InDesign and similar programs. Its pricing plans are also geared towards the needs of freelance designers and web design agencies.

So should I use a website builder for my next/first website? Yes, if you have enough time and energy. Yes, if you’d like to be the boss and have full control over your site.

But if you have no time to set up and maintain a website yourself, or your project requires complex, unique functionality, you’d better consider hiring a pro. Website builders work well for corporate websites, online portfolios, blogs, forums and webstores, but can’t be used for setting up another Facebook :). Complex projects require custom solutions that in their turn require professional expertise.

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