Different Ways to Make Money in the Online Gaming Space

Everyone is always looking for new and exciting ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing has become one of the most successful and sought after methods for revenue generation on many sites. In this post we are going to specifically talk about how to make money in the online gaming space.

Let’s get started with some examples of how sites are making money by creating niche gaming sites.

The first example is “AddictingGames.com“. If you went to Google and searched for “play free games” you would see their site as the number one listing, which is pretty cool. The site is several years old and was eventually acquired by Nickelodeon.

Since their site is pushing some mega traffic through their site, the best way for them to make money is through the use of paid advertising. You will see the banner ads that we pointed out in the screenshot below. When a new game is loading you will also have to watch a short video which makes money for the site as well.

Addicting Games

AddictingGames.com is a perfect example of a site with a ton of traffic that is monetizing their audience by offering in-game and on-site advertising. The majority of people visiting the site have no interest in paying for anything, so it’s a win-win model for both the site owner and the people playing games on their site.

Since we are talking about the online gaming space it just wouldn’t make sense not to mention playing online casino games as well.

Even thought online gambling isn’t huge in the united states, it’s still played by millions across the world and is a mega billion dollar industry. Sites like the roulette games reviews site below where people can play free casino games like roulette and craps while also being able to learn about the latest promotions and sign up bonuses for playing with real money online.

Playing Roulette Games

The advertising and revenue model for review sites like Roulette Games is that they will earn a commission on any referred players they send to their partner site. Instead of offering advertising on their sites, their whole site is pretty much an information source to their site visitors, but any leads that generate from the site will result in new revenue as they are acting as an affiliate site.

The last example we have is GameHouse.com, which is a good model for how to make money with free games and paid games. When you visit their site you will have the option to play their free games, which you can download or play on their site. Some of the games will only let you play a few levels and you will have to pay money to buy the full versions of the games. The other option is to play games on their sites and you will see ads through the site. This is another good model for both the game site and their audience and they can pick and choose what method they want to use to play games.

Game House Games Site

As you can see there are plenty of different ways to make money in the online gaming space. Online games are always going to be extremely popular, so why not create a site of your own and see how well you can do with monetizing your traffic?

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