Do not make your keywords Research Sucks. Try these new techniques

So, you are following the same old boring keywords research techniques that include pasting some keywords in Google Keywords research tools and then choosing those that come with high search volumes. But this technique has too many pitfalls. First, you may not be targeting those keywords whose search volume is rising or you may be targeting those keywords that are highly competitive. To find a middle ground, you need to try something different this time around. Though this technique may appear a bit off the beaten track and may consume a bit extra time but believe me, it will pay you off at the end. Here I am going to you introduce to some other tools apart from Google Keywords Research tools that will help you pick up the best keywords that will add more value to your SEO or Adwords campaigns:

Google Global Market Finder: This one is my favorite. This tool helps you a clear picture of how popular a keyword is in a particular country. It gives you all the detailed pertained to the competition, Local Monthly Search Volume and competition of the main keyword along with related keywords. Click on the location tab and it will show you details of the keywords in other languages.

If you wish, you can get additional keywords suggestion fetched from Google Keywords research tool right here. Click on the tab – “Hide additional keyword suggestions from Keyword Tool”, and it will show all close variants of the targeted keyword.

If you are planning to target new emerging markets, this tool is just invaluable.  Select emerging market from its Filter option and you are ready to go. It will show only those countries where the search volume of the keywords is on the rise.

Google Trends: If you wish to see how a keyword is supposed to fare in the coming months, Google Trend is the ultimate tool that you will definitely wish to get your hands on. Try any keyword, and it will show you a graph of how the keyword has been performing historically. You can also drill down the details a little bit of sorting the result country wise by selecting the country name from the top right drop down menu or else you can change the time to have a clear picture.

Scroll down a little and you will have the names of the countries and cities where the keyword is popular. Alternatively, if you wish to spy on a website that appears to be doing well in term of visibility, just place URL of the website after selecting “Website” option and there you go.

Now you can see daily unique visitor of the website along with the countries that are driving maximum number of traffic to that website.

Google Insight for Search: This is one of those tools that give you almost all the details that you would need to make your keywords research process convincing. You can get search results by “Web”, “Image”, “News” and “Product”. You will get all the details in the filter option. There are other options too. You can change the country, time range and categories.

Insight not only gives you historical search details of a keyword, but it also gives you predicted search volume of the keyword. Now, this is the most interesting part. If you see that the predicted search volume is showing a downward graph, you need to find out whether this is just a seasonal drop or the keyword is losing its popularity.

Scroll down a little and you will find the most interesting part of this tool. “Top searches” and “Rising searches” are the two most interesting sections that will give you ideas of new keywords that are powerful enough to drive huge traffic to your website. Top Search shows you the keywords that have high search volume with increasing popularity over the time. Rising Search contains those keywords whose search volume is increasing steadily and thereby creating more opportunity for advertisers.

Google Instant: Though you might have been using for months, most probably you have never thought of using Google Instant while doing keyword research. Reports have it that people use suggestions offered by Google Instant and that means by choosing keywords from this list, you will be able to create a comprehensive list of keywords that people actually search.

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