Do you need regular updates for Regular visitors?

The business environment is rapidly changing. E-commerce is not new but never has it been accepted so readily. E-commerce has established itself in the western world and now is steadily making inroads into the eastern world, targeting emerging countries like India and China.

The Brick and Mortar or Click and Order debate has never been more hotly contested. And with recent ventures of Wal-Mart into e-commerce territory by buying, looks like the tide is in favor of Click and Order. Many players are already in the market. So should you enter and make a place for yourself? However, the challenge in this market is not just entry. It is staying relevant and up-to-date. In the online world, things are always in a flux and websites are being updated with great frequency in order to keep up with competition and changes in customer frequency. Of course, regular updates have a cost attached to it, and one has to ask are these regular updates worth it? We can break this debate into parts.

Part 1: Design

  1. Good looks sell

A website is the first impression of your business for many. So if your website still has a banner saying “Summer Sale 2010”, it does not bring nostalgia but gives the signal that the website is possibly a graveyard of a has been business.

No matter how good your website design is, or how artistically designed your banners are, they all become outdated eventually. Just take the example of flash. Once it was all the rage, now you hardly ever see it.

Part 2: Marketing

  1. New Marketing techniques

The landscape of marketing has changed a lot in the last few years. Google has changed the way it indexes pages and ranks them, ad blockers have really made advertising difficult and social media now has paid ad campaigns if you want your business to be visible in all the content being continuously created. In short, what used to work 5 years ago will not work now.

If your website is not being updated then you are missing out on the new effective techniques that are coming up. With each new update, you get more effective tools that focus on effective information collection. This information can help you gain a competitive edge. Sales information, in particular, is very important in creating an effective sales campaign. Recent updates have even features which track conversion rates, heat mapping and the rates of shopping cart abandonment. If you are still using the website as it was 5 years ago, you are missing out on all of these.

Many businesses get their first website and app made from a freelancer or do it on their thus regular updates becomes a challenge. But frankly, no matter how challenging they are, you need regular updates. The best bet a business can make is to work with a digital marketing agency that works in close collaboration with you and updates the website whenever it becomes a necessity. Of course, this will increase your cost, but the cost is acceptable when compared with

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