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Calendars are an awesome way to market your business.  In days past, one would often see traditional marketing campaigns on calendars.   (Remember those sports illustrated calendars?)  These days, with modern technology you can really boost your marketing and business productivity with a feature rich, technology driven calendar.

Have you considered using a digital calendar to market events and connect with your customers.  Think about how often people rely on their calendars and how people connect with their calendars.  These days customers are used to digitally tracking their lives.  Calendar marketing is a great way to connect and build a social relationship with your customer.

Calendar communications can be a powerful and subtle tool to help you build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Imagine having the ability to integrate with your customers calendar.  You can do things such as send out new event details.  These days customers connect and sync to their calendars digitally.  Having that connection with your customer can allow you to integrate with their social lives, learn more about your customer, and send out information that would be personal and valuable to them.

These days I see everyone carrying their calendar around with them in a digital format.  I have my calendar on my iphone synced with my ipad and my computer.  I check all my work, social and personal events on my calendar.  I enter in all the important appointments in my life in my digital calendar.  Many others are doing exactly the same thing.  My calendar portrays my social graph as well as providing me with information about my life.  Giving someone access to my calendar is the equivalent of giving them access to my life.

If a business is able to build that kind of trust with their customer and gain that behind the scenes look into their lives, they will have a powerful, dynamic marketing tool.

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  1. I own a promotional products business.. Calendars are a GREAT way to advertise your business. It’s one of just a few products that is practical throughout the year, and guarantees advertisement within the home or business for a full year.

  2. Hi Richard, the technology to connect with people’s digital calendars already exists, it’s called Flogs (www.flogs.com). It let’s you sync your events into iPhone, Google calendars, Outlook and others. Our users use Flogs to publish sports, entertainment, TV listings, Home calendars and employee work schedules. We have a lot of cases we can share if you want to dive deeper into Calendar Marketing!

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