Encouraging Your Kids to Play the Real Games You Used to Play

Playing the real thing

Do you remember your childhood? Do you remember going out there and playing real ball with your friends than just pushing buttons controlling LeBron James and Kobe Bryant on your favorite NBA game with your game console? Do you remember making aces when you go and play real tennis than just holding that small wireless controller of your Wii?

Virtual game era

Gone are the days when kids go out and sweat themselves playing real, physical games. Now, if there are body parts that are healthy and are worked out well, it would be your children’s fingers as they spend the whole day tinkering with their touchscreen devices and pressing keys on the computer’s keyboard. This is one of the main reasons why children of today suffer from obesity and other physical conditions due to lack of physical activity.

Making kids active again

As a parent, you must be able to monitor your child’s health no matter how busy you may be with work. You should somehow find ways on how to encourage your kids to star playing real games once more. That is why the government has been coming up with programs to encourage kids to let go of their gadgets for a while, go out and play the games that you used to play. These activities don’t just let them appreciate experiencing the real thing, it also promote physical fitness and fight obesity among children.

Playing with care

It is also your role as a parent to make sure that your kids are safe while they enjoy these highly physical games. Say in a basketball match, it is important that you are able to monitor your kids and help them stay away from injuries that the game might cause them. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been advocating the reintroduction of youth sports to the kids of today. However, they also are putting in tons of extra effort to help you parents, coaches, teachers, and other stakeholders better understand the dangers that our kids are exposed to in playing and enjoying these youth sports games.

“Heads Up Concussion”

Concussion is just one of the serious injuries that an individual may suffer. This type of brain injury affects one’s abilities depending on the severity of the injury. That is why whenever one should take very good care of him or herself whenever he or she engages in various physical activities. For us parents, it is important that we are able to warn our kids of the dangers that they could be subjected to. However, we need a better understanding on what a concussion is and how it does affect one person.  “Heads Up Concussion” is one of the US CDC’s programs that help raise awareness about the negative effects of concussions to our kids.

By coming up with fact sheets, this program helps us parents and educators alike about how serious concussions are and how we can help prevent our children from suffering the same.
If you want to better understand and have a full grasp on how important it is for you to understand concussion fully and know that to do whenever such things happen, try visiting the CDC website, www.cdc.gov/concussion/. This way you’d able to understand this injury and prevent these from affecting our kids.
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