Enjoy your favourite songs while doing your best sports.

Welcome to the world of underwater audio, a one stop shop for all audio players and accessories for listening to sounds and songs 200ft under water. With every item waterproofed, you are sure and certain of getting the best sound quality when under water.
Things you can get in this store include waterproof iPod, waterproof headphones, waterproof earbuds, masks, goggles and other under water related materials. All items have a warranty policy so you are sure you are getting good value for your money. Its line of underwater products exceeds every available specification in the market thus giving you an edge.
Get the best of underwater audio equipment specially designed for your listening pleasure while enjoying your underwater sports, diving, swimming and surfing.  With different swimming goggles that differ from one another in size shape design, frame type, lens and material, you have a sure task of picking the one that best suits your taste. Lenses could be done to suit different environment as they could be coloured to suit different light conditions such as amber lenses for high and low environments, clear lights for indoor swimming, blue/violet lens to protect from glare and at the same time allowing some little form of light to the eye, mirrored lenses which reflect light away from the eyes.
With stylish Swimbuds waterproof headphones that wow you every time you use it, an  order of the headphones gets you additional 1m extension cable, with 4 sets of interchangeable earbuds and 1 set of earbuds to use out of water.
Want to save some money, get the waterproof iPod mega bundle now and get waterproofed Genuine Apple iPod Shuffle, Swimbuds extra-short cord waterproof headphones, and AQS-02 waterproof headphone. Enjoy good sound quality,longs hours of play with its long battery life and hundresd of songs on the go.
Come, take a peep and make your order now.

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