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Rentals industry has been traditionally been known for rentals of party and events services and goods. Over time, due to the demand for additional goods and related services, it began to incorporate a wide range of products that are not events related. Presently, virtually all aspect of business and human endeavours now has its products, machines/machineries/properties for rent worldwide.

With over nine years delivering effective and efficient rental services worldwide, has proven to be the world and market leader in its chosen niche. The world of erento offers you the best of rentals at affordable prices in any part of the world

With products ranging from household items, tools, construction equipments, and properties to means of transportation and everything rent-able from different countries of the world, erento has over 1.2miliion products and thousands of product categories. It is a bridging place to bring together product and services to clients, users and customers in need of such service for those who want to rent, hire or buy and having a database for all manner and types of goods and services for the rental business.

Erento goods and services are offered by their suppliers worldwide. This suppliers register with erento and upload items for rentage. This includes the item image, description, nature and location and price. This will be easier to those who want to rent items as they search for items and products according to their location and price. A major importance of this is that it enables easy and fast pickup and delivery and its being returned within a specific locality. For both small rental companies, it opens them to a wider audience and ability t reach wider customers by listing their products online. The present recession has given rise to a higher patronage of online rental services as it is easier, cheaper to rent, thus saving hard earned money.

For holiday campers and tourists, they can plan their trips in advance just by logging on to erento. Every needed item ranging from hotel accommodation to vehicles to accessories, restaurant’s fully available. The erento dedicated and different access websites according to different locations and regions around the world. This is tailored to suit your exact location for easy access to products/equipment and goods for hire.

Whatever your desires, needs and expectations may be at any point in any circumstance or occasion or as the need may arise; erento will always come to your rescue.

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