Essential Apps For Startups

Startups have a lot on their paper plates–looking at office expenditures, making sure memos and directives get to the staff and internal processes go smooth. Luckily for startup business owners of today, there are smartphone apps that help to keep the business running on the go, allowing them to manage multiple tasks at the same time. Some apps would also help you to promote your startup.

If you’re a startup business owner looking for some useful apps, here’s a list to help you out:

1.  CamCard

Startup business owners have to do a great deal of exchanging when it comes to business cards because they’ve just started out in the industry. CamCard works like idScan® OCR for driver license and other similar scanners, using the same kind of data extraction technology. It’s a business card reader which requires you to take a snap of any business card and it saves the contact information from the card to your contacts book. The app can detect information in 5 different languages including Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

All the information can be stored in the cloud to ensure ultimate safety, and you can even restore it when required. The app also provides options to create different categories as well as add information to an existing contact. The cards can be cropped and rotated and images can be enhanced automatically. The information can be shared through E-mail and SMS.

CamCard works with Android phones and iPhone.

2.  30/30  

It’s important for you and your team to get tasks done on time if your startup company wants to make a mark in your industry within the first few months. 30/30 allows you to allot a time limit to different tasks. When the time limit for a particular task ends, the app sends an alert that it’s time to buckle up or move on to the next task.

30/30 ensures that you don’t get off the track and does the planning for you. The latest version brings an option to toggle off ‘shake to undo’, an option within the app that allows you to dismiss any action by shaking the device. The standout feature is that the task list is controlled through simple gestures. You can manage multiple lists and sync to iCloud as well.

30/30 works with iPhone.

3. HootSuite

HootSuite is the Super Man when it comes to social media marketing of your startup. It presents you with a dashboard from where you can schedule posts to different platforms such as Facebook and Twitter at any time of the day. You can also manage multiple accounts from the dashboard and the app also provides tools to market social media posts.

HootSuite comes with build-in analytics that allows you to see how your pages are doing in terms of engagement, traffic and conversions. You can also follow up on comments posted by customers and other people in your industry on your startup company profiles.

HootSuite is available for Android phones and iPhone.

4. Expensify

Tracking startup expenses is also important. There’s a high ratio of startups failing after 2 years of operation, and one of the main reasons for the downfall is expenses getting out of hand. You can use Expensify to keep an eye on expenses at all times.

You can use app to take images of expense receipts, create new expenses and even sync debit and credit cards. It creates a central management system, allowing you to track employee expenses. You can also assign categories and tags to expense reports to make sure you don’t lose your way through multiple expense tracking.

Expensify works on Android phones and iPhone.


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