Essential Tech Tools for Running Businesses

In this advanced era, electronics such as computers and cell phones have become a basic need for all businesses, and it is difficult to imagine working without them. If they are employed skillfully by using software best suited to your work, it can make running your business a lot more convenient and easy.

Here are some useful tech tools that no business should work without:

Dropbox: With over 200 million users worldwide, Dropbox is easily the best file sharing software that is available for computers and all popular mobile operating systems. You can share folders with other users and be notified whenever a change is made in any of its files. The computer software downloads all editions, new files or deletions automatically to your hard drive. Dropbox for Business is an offer meant for companies, providing 1,000 GB of online storage which can be increased with additional charges.

Evernote: Being a handy note-taking software that instantly uploads all your notes to its cloud storage, Evernote is a freemium that can easily be downloaded to your phone or computer. You can note down any bright idea that comes to mind, or highlight text from a web page and save it to be reviewed later. It keeps your devices synced whenever they connect to the internet. Instead of relying on sticky notes and pocket diaries, Evernote helps you compile your notes and thoughts in an organized manner.

Skype: This is a very successful and efficient voice-over-IP and instant messaging service that allows you to communicate with other online users via voice and video chat. With it you can have conferences, conduct seminars and even call a landline or mobile phone.

MSpy: Despite the fact that the use of spyware has raised many an eyebrow, statistics reveal that occupational fraud leads to loss of trillions of dollars worldwide and can easily destroy businesses if the company’s owner is not careful. You can download and install a cell phone tracking software like mSpy on your employees’ cell phones and keep track of their work-related activities. Make sure that they are working honestly and diligently and not communicating with suspicious workers from rival companies. Respecting your employees’ rights to privacy, do not intrude into their personal lives unnecessarily, as that would be abuse of this already shady piece of technology.

Asset Tracking Software: A software like CG4 can help you take control of your assets and allow you to track them during transportation. Data collection can be done on mobile phones and users can update information when the asset is being moved or while performing an audit. CG4 has a standardized data collection process and keeps the asset information accurate.

Blogs: Keeping a blog that keeps publishing content on your company’s latest activities and upcoming projects will help your business secure its place as an authority in the industry.


Knowing how to make proper use of technology can be very valuable to your business. You should take out time to gather and organize all your work-related documents, upload them to cloud storage and share them with your staff when necessary. Do not forget to always keep in touch with your customers. If possible, hire a tech assistant to manage your company’s website and keep the traffic going. These measures will rid you of most, if not all, inconveniences at work and make the operation of your business smooth and entertaining.

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