Explaining Why There’s A Membership Fee

Explaining Why There’s A Membership Fee

You don’t get ‘owt for nowt’ an old phrase declares. For those of you that need a translation it basically says nothing is free. It’s very true, no product or service is free even if clever marketing tells you it is i.e. buy one get one free. Somewhere along the line that ‘freebie’ will be covered.

This is true whichever sector you are in. We don’t suppose that you give your time for nothing unless it’s for a good cause and you have some of that valuable commodity, time to spare. We reckon you will be expected to be remunerated for whatever you do or time you give. It’s the way of business; it’s how businesses make their money. And unfortunately no modern business can operate without money.

Paying for online services

Because online websites and services are so easy to access we sometimes forget that they too have to bring in money to exist. After all a website costs money to build, host, maintain and update.

Any other services that a website offers are usually covered when the company behind the website sells its products or services. This is really simple to see and understand if you have to go via their online shop.

Sometimes the services offered are less easy to quantify at least in the eyes of the consumer. This can be the case when you are searching for loans. You go to the site, fill in a form and apply for the loan. If the loan company says yes, they get their remuneration in the APR rate they charge you don’t they? Of course that also covers the risk they are excepting too.

If you decide to go to a financial adviser in town or an insurance broker they get their financial rewards in a fee from the company they use for the mortgage, loan or policy.

Loans Direct fee

This company is an online broker who operates slightly differently but completely transparently. They charge a membership fee from you. This ensures that there is no favouritism in the lenders they put you in touch with i.e. they don’t get a fee for recommendation of policies taken out. This makes them completely objective.

The fee you are asked to pay is a one-off joining fee which does give you good returns but no guarantee of a loan. And of course if you do secure a loan through one of the companies they put you in touch with, there will still be an APR to pay.

The Loans Direct fee means you get access to the team at Loans Direct to put their best programmes to work to find you a suitable lender for your circumstances. This would be a time consuming job for you to trawl through using the search engines and wouldn’t necessarily find some of the exclusive deals that this broker can access.

It also gives you an introductory 24/7 access to Credit Cleaner where you can check your credit score and make amends to any incorrect listings on your file.

For an extra bonus, the Loans Direct fee offers you deals and money off opportunities especially those local to you. Can’t be bad!

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