How Your Facebook Can Keep You From Getting A Job

How Your Facebook Can Keep You From Getting A Job

Facebook is a social networking site with a lot of privacy issues. If you think that your rants and discriminating posts are safely tucked in your profile, you are dead wrong. Employers are actually scavenging Facebook profiles of their applicants to see what these people are like in the real world. Everything can look good on print and paper but attitude is a very important factor in hiring an employee too.

How careful have you been with your Facebook posts? Check it now and see how many inappropriate posts you have made in the last couple of months. Do you see them now? If yes then it’s bad news for you.

Recruiters on Facebook

Recruiters go to Facebook to do some inspecting. Through this, they can make more informed decisions about the right applicants to hire or not. You should know that 42% of recruiters considered a candidate based on the content they’ve seen in a social media profile, which led to positive or negative re-assessments.

For instance, no one wants to hire a 5-year experienced marketer with an ungrateful attitude towards their bosses or work. No one wants to hire a 10-year experienced manager who would always complain about work problems on Facebook. Recruiters are acknowledging this social behavior problems and want to avoid hiring people like this in their companies.

What NOT to Do

Negative re-assessment from recruiters is a huge no-no for your application. Just imagine losing a job because you were too careless in making posts on your Facebook Wall. Here’s the list of every single thing that your Facebook profile shouldn’t have or what NOT to do:

  • Post anything about illegal drug use.
  • Make posts that are sexual in nature.
  • Make vulgar or profane posts.
  • Make spelling and grammatically wrong posts.
  • Make posts with relation to guns and violence.
  • Post pictures of yourself consuming alcohol (and being proud of it).
  • Post rants and complaints about your previous employers and work problems.
  • Make racist and sexist posts.
  • Post photos or tag photos of yourself that don’t make you look good in any way.
  • Allow distasteful comments from friends.
  • Like apps and pages that don’t say anything good about your interests.
  • Belong to groups that are inappropriate.
  • Post what you’re doing, where you are, what you’re eating and what you’re thinking every minute of the day (don’t be an attention-seeker).

When a recruiter sees posts like this on your Facebook account, that’s an immediate negative point to your application. Or worse, it can already be a huge X mark on your application. No company in their right mind would hire someone who is a drunk, violent attention seeker (or any other combination of the above “traits”).

If you want to get hired, you must remain professional at all times, not only during your interviews. Your social media profile is a window into who you are. Often, what you post there is most likely the real you. I’m not saying that you should hide your personality, but if you want to get a job, you need to treat your profile seriously.

What You Should Do

Aside from completely doing the opposite of what’s written in the list above, post things that put you in a good light. According to recruiters, posts about volunteering or donating to charity lead to positive re-assessments. However, you don’t have to fake it. Don’t talk about charity work if you’re really not doing it. Such a lie will bite you in your behind later on.

If you’re not doing anything special to get positive re-assessments from recruiters, then just stay away from saying anything that can cause a negative impression.

Keeping Things Private

Along with cleaning up your posts and thinking twice about typing something in your status box, keeping things private may be a good move too. It’s not only about jobs and recruiters, but you should simply have some privacy for your social activities. Hey, we all need to vent or make irrational posts sometimes and we shouldn’t be immediately judged for them.

What you can do is change your privacy settings to make sure that only your friends see your posts, photos, religious views, political views and the other things. Simply go to your Account Settings and customize your privacy settings.

Preparing Your Facebook Profile for Lurking Recruiters

On the other hand, if you’re not afraid to show the world who you are then you can prepare your Facebook profile for a job hunt. Yes, this is possible as long as you don’t step on the land mines we’ve talked about.

Recruiters get to know more about an applicant through a Facebook profile and they like knowing more about you. If you’re active on Facebook, this is actually a good sign for recruiters already. They like socially engaged individuals.

Although there are recruiters who can be quite lenient, you should take extra steps to protect information that they don’t need to know about. What I mean is, you can keep your profile open (it shows you have nothing to hide), but be aware of the things they can see in there. View your profile through the eyes of an employer or a recruiter. Is that something you’d be happy to see? Is that something inappropriate?

To make your Facebook profile more attractive to recruiters, engage in conversations with other people in the same line of work as you are. Create posts that are related to your field of work and make relevant posts. Share content that professionals can relate to. Show recruiters that you are reliable and consistent when you put your mind into something.

Best of all, show your authenticity in your open profile. Landing a job is definitely important but for sure, you’d want to work in a company that chose you for the right reasons, where you don’t have to pretend that you’re someone you are not.

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