Find Your Muse: Inspiration For Your Law Blog

As a lawyer, you never thought writer’s block would become a problem. But as you’ve begun to market your practice and your website, you’ve certainly noticed that blogging has become an essential part of your marketing efforts. Suddenly, you’re wishing you took a few writing courses in college because then you might actually be able to come up with a few interesting, buzz-worthy blogs. But before you bang your head on your keyboard, know that help is on the way.

Writing blogs that capture people’s attention and markets your practice for you is no easy feat. Sometimes, even getting the words on the paper can be difficult. However, blogging really comes down to inspiration. When you have an idea of what you’ll be writing about, there’s no stopping the amount of blog posts you can come up with. The following points will help you think up new material for your blog that will be easy for you to write and interesting for your readers.

Become An Authority

If you want to attract new clients, your blog posts should cater to them. This means that not every reader that comes across your blog will have the education or legal know-how that you do. Sometimes, people will come to a blog just to read up on some issues and learn a few new things. Become an authority in your field by creating a reoccurring series of blog posts in which you define legal terms, discuss historical cases, and offer advice on picking a lawyer and understanding the words that come out of their mouths. Very few lawyers blog for their clients in mind, and from a marketing perspective, that can be a huge mistake. Not only can you write about topics that non-lawyers will appreciate, you can write in a way that is easy for just about anybody to understand. If marketing your practice is your main goal for your blog, as it should be, then becoming an authority that readers trust and will look forward to coming back to should be a no-brainer for you.

Discuss The Hot Topics

An overarching rule of writing is to write what you know. When you’re lacking inspiration for your law blog, turn to the topics you’re well rehearsed in and you’ll be typing up a storm in no time. There are bound to be many popular legal cases that are a hot topic to your firm, area of law, and/or region. And if they’re popular enough that means people will be searching for articles and blogs that discuss the case. Become an opinionated news source that relays popular issues to your clients and offers your take on the topic. You’ll be able to attract readers looking for current events and strike up conversations with your followers. These kinds of interactive posts are a goldmine for your marketing efforts because your readers will appreciate the discussions they get to weigh in on. Create a weekly series in which you outline all the major cases in your field, offer your opinion, and then ask for your readers’ opinions. You’ll have a reoccurring audience in no time.

It’s Not Always About Business

Lawyers love to talk about law. It’s what they know, it’s what people usually expect them to say, and it’s easy to talk about. However, just because you have a law blog doesn’t mean you have to strictly talk about law. Many other topics can interest your readers. For instance, since lawyers are always looking for a way to market their practice and compete with other firms, a few blog posts that share the marketing efforts you’ve attempted could be wildly successful. You could also try including posts about running your firm, talking to clients, providing customer service, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while running a busy law schedule. In other words, write about topics that loosely relate to law but don’t directly deal with it. The variety will give your readers something different to chew on and will make your blog become a more dynamic social platform. You should also consider letting fellow law bloggers post guest blogs on your site in exchange for a few blog posts of your own on their sites. This kind of interaction will further your blog’s variety and following.

Ask For Suggestions

Your readers have come to your blog looking for something specific. If they don’t find it, allow them to review what you’ve done and offer suggestions for future blog posts. Listen to what your readers are saying in the comments section of your blog and write about the topics that matter to them. A personalized blog will make your readers want to come back every time you’ve published a new post.

Blogging is becoming an unavoidable necessity for business. Make sure your practice doesn’t fall behind and miss out on a whole new following by ignoring the benefits of blogging. Get a little blogging inspiration and give your law blog the fuel it needs to take off.

Written by Pete Wise for the Douglas and London Law Firm; whom represent clients across the entire US, taking on cases noone else will. They have decades of experience as an law firm in New York and it translates into the courtroom.

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