Five Tips on Creating a Dynamic Blog

Creating a Dynamic Blog can be greatly improved with some simple steps. The problem many blogs have is that they focus too much on the company or the blogger themselves. There is no need to use your posts to sell directly, you can achieve so much more when you forget about yourself, but use the knowledge you have on your topic to give something back to your readers. This is a great way of getting people to connect with you, building a rapport between you and the reader and from there your company can really take off.

To get you started writing an unselfish blog here are a few tips to follow. I have found them to be useful and have seen the results for myself. Read on to see if you are already creating the best possible blog content, or see if there is anything you might be missing which is stalling your progression.

Write for your reader

Think about what you want to read when you visit other blogs. Do you really want to know that the company is thriving and attending loads of different events? Although this is good to throw in once in a while the answer is probably no. When I visit a blog, I want answers to my questions, I want information, and I want to learn. Write for your readers and not just for your company.

Research your blog posts

You can find loads of great ideas online, but be sure to get the right information. If you have an idea look online to find other opinions and add the other side to the story for a rounded post that gives good insight, the good and the bad. Find out as much as you can, or have time for, and write a post based on what you have learned. Don’t copy from other sites though; you need to make it your own by adding your own spin on things if possible.

Taking a break from writing

Some days your heart may not be in writing your blog, it happens to even the most passionate blogger. It is important not to wear yourself out as a blog can be abandoned pretty quickly once this happens. Take a break from the screen if you are finding it hard to get into the zone of writing. GO for a walk, watch some television, work out or have a sleep, do whatever you need to do to refresh your brain and start your fingers itching to get writing again.

Find great blogs to follow

These blogs don’t have to have anything to do with your blog topics. Following sites that you are interested in can be very inspirational. See how often they publish posts, follow the bloggers on Facebook and start to get involved in the blogosphere. It’s a big world with so much talent, and being part of the community can only help to improve your own skills.

Stay true to yourself

Never post anything you are not happy with. If your blog is for your business you will have to watch what you say a little, but you don’t have to publish anything you do not agree with. Sites for advertising can be a little more opinionated, so find your passion and stick to it; the best websites are often the ones which have personality shining through.

You probably have some more great tips to share but hopefully, these five will give you something to think about. They have helped me to transform my website into one which is lively, has regular followers and that I am immensely proud of.

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Esther West is a coder working for PromoteFY, a digital branding agency. She loves kayaking and when she is not busy writing Php or JavaScript codes, you can find her playing with her husky. Living in Toronto, she aspires to work as a digital nomad for as long as possible.

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